Burlap/Black Tablescape

Well the first week of Fall here in Pennsylvania is beautiful.......our days range around 70 degrees and the nights go down into the 40's.....trees are just starting to turn ever so slightly.....I know that one of these days I'll look out and Fall will have peaked! So I'm trying to stay ahead of it so I can get beautiful pictures this year! Next week starts "Fall Foliage" in the town of Jim Thorpe....our county seat.....it's a beautiful town, ...so I will be taking plenty of pictures! This week I was "Throwing my eyes" In several fabric centers...but I had the most luck at Walmart! I … [Read more...]

Mother Earth

My good friend Bettyann has introduced me to a wonderful site earthsky.org It is one of the most interesting site's you will come across especially if your interested in nature, science and all subjects Earth & Sky! ......"Deborah Byrd is the Founder and President of EarthSky, which she created in 1991.  EarthSky is a digital publisher that brings science and nature to millions of people around the world"..... The following pictures are from the site...share with your children and grandchildren.....below is a picture of a "new" island that was just created yesterday! too … [Read more...]

Recycle Those Jars………

Do you LOVE your Yankee Candles? I do......and most everyone knows I love receiving them as gifts.....I love all candle jars.....Better Homes & Gardens makes wonderful scents at very reasonable prices.....but when the candles are gone don't discard that wonderful glass jar! I save everyone of them! I reuse for candy, baking chocolate chips, pine nuts, Chinese condiments, tea bags, buttons, etc! Glass in a landfill would take millions of years to breakdown so RECYCLE as much as you can and why not repurpose as many as you can! Ask your friends and family to save them for you … [Read more...]

Funny on Friday

I've decided that every blog I read has a themed day during the week....so why not PineRidge Hills? so beginning today we will have "Funny on Friday".....where the only pre-requisite is being able to laugh...especially at ourselves.....I'll start... So many folks have asked me "How the heck did you end up in PA"?  well, its a long story, actually its the never ending story! But here is the first Journal Entry I made back in 2003 when we drove across the Delaware River and never looked back...well, almost never..... this morning I took several pictures of our "Backyard"...at dawn with the … [Read more...]


"May I never miss a sunset or rainbow because I am looking down".......... Sara June Parker.......... How often do you look up at the gift that is given to you every day? Sometimes you have to look beyond the clouds and the thunder...the snow so thick you can hardly see your own hand....sometimes its magnificent colors splashed across the sky like a kaleidoscope is unforgettable and sometimes so subtle you pay no attention....How often do you look up and say "Thank you"? Imagine being given a gift every day for no reason and all you have to do is accept it? Would you? Tomorrow, whether it … [Read more...]

Red Oak & Acorns Fall Table

September chills are running through the mountains here at PineRidge....so of course there is a big pot of chicken soup cooking on the stove, bread in the oven and firewood stacked just waiting to be burned....now for the table....dark red and rustic tan....love them together! Yesterday mapquest and I decided it was time for a road trip....(GPS always gets me lost!) I finally found my way to Homegoods! Why didn't you tell me? I could have handled the secret....I traveled 32 miles to get there but I would have traveled a day and a half! well, you all know about this mecca in "Dishland"....I … [Read more...]

The Pack…

Well, I for one have had it! our mom has been running all day and my brothers and I are trying to keep up with her! no easy task.... First thing this morning she put a pot roast in the slow cooker and the aroma went through the entire house.  Needless to say Oliver was right there waiting for something to fall to the floor but our mom is too good of a cook to let that happen! We played on the new deck - have you seen it? - Daddy did a great job! we spend a lot of time out there conversing with Bailey, Guiness and Shamus our neighboring "Fur-Kids"! But we knew today was going to be … [Read more...]


Well it's been a very busy time here at PineRidge Hills....gearing up for Fall, saying good-bye to the last days of Summer - sigh- is no easy task! The last of the garden vegetables have been picked, the new "Weeping White Pine" has been planted (My birthday gift from my best friends Kim & Tom) the screens have started coming down and the house was pressure-washed! The mums for the front porch have been waiting patiently to be put on display and, well, I guess at some point I need to think about dinner!  While running around doing chores I came across Sandra Lee's Slow Cooker Pot … [Read more...]

The Deck Is Done

Finally! yes it only took a thousand years....but (sigh) the deck has new railing.....it took my husband two days to get it done...he is terrific...once he gets going! I measured all the openings.....picked out the lights.....handed him the list and off to Lowe's we went! The closest home-Improvement store was twenty-five miles away until last summer! Lowe's finally came to the neighborhood....seven miles....I can do that with my eye's closed! so here is how the deck looked for a thousand years....yes I know I'm stretching the truth...but it did feel like that..... And now....drum … [Read more...]

Fall tables…

Thanksgiving is late this year.....November 28th.......that gives me enough time to decide how to decorate - Woodsy / Formal / Fireside / Outside? No, Lois now your getting crazy! although Martha Stewart had it in a barn once.... hmmmm........I'll have to go through all my Martha books and my Gooseberry Patch and then get out all my Victoria and Cottage Journal magazines....Do you collect magazines? I mean, those oh so beautiful ones that can never end up in the firepit? well, I admit to being a "Print Media Junkie" - there I said it! I just can't part with some, ok most of my magazines! … [Read more...]