Well, we are getting close to Halloween.....yup, real close......did you get your goodies yet? decide on the tablescape? got your costume? hmmm,  sounds like you have it under too......everything going along as planned......its late maybe its time to turn in......yawn.....close the lights head upstairs.....funny, I could swear I locked the front door......oh well, must have forgotten......I'll do it now......up the stairs....why do I feel as if someone is behind me? I turn slowly and look behind me at the bottom of the stairs........ Scared yet? I am and I'm the one … [Read more...]

October Sunset

Imagine walking out your front door and seeing this? That's exactly what I did!....this was the "Gift" left for me on my front I don't have one of those cameras' that can count hairs on a Ladybug but my little Cannon gave me a beautiful memory! Now I'm passing it on to you! have a wonderful day.......and remember to look UP this evening........ … [Read more...]

Autumn Tables

I think "Mother Nature" heard me last week! Here in the Northeast we are finally going to get a bit cooler! not snow-boot weather but at least cool enough to throw the extra blanket on at night....I am thinking of a get-together for a cool night by the fire and big bowls of Beef Bourguignon with noodles and Potato Leek soup.....Have any special dinner plans this month? I was surfing the net for some really nice tablescapes for a rustic fireside supper.....I love to see how folks put together a beautiful table, you know who you are! the idea's are endless and the imaginations are … [Read more...]

Ultimate Blueberry Muffins

Have you ever had a need for a muffin?  I LOVE blueberry muffins and have probably baked every version I've come across.....until someone said to me "Why do you keep trying to improve what's already perfect?" so true..... So this morning I was up at the crack of dawn - yup - baking! And yes they are wonderful! A hot cup of Earl Grey and warm muffins with would be a perfect picture if there was a chill in the air and the fireplace had a crackling log in it...and I was sitting with my wool plaid throw on my lap and trying to organize all those acorn projects in my head.....but … [Read more...]

Funny on Friday Cheesecake

Well its Friday and time for a chuckle to start your weekend........ There are so many stories I have to tell - I should write a book – maybe in my next life......but for now let me tell you about the time I made three cheesecakes for my daughters school bake sale....what's so funny about a cheesecake?.....well you may never look at one again without laughing! For many, many years I've been known for my when my daughter volunteered me to make one for the school bake sale I sighed and added it to the list of things to do that cheesecake takes ten minutes to … [Read more...]

Covered Bridges

Have you ever walked across a covered bridge? there is something magical about it....if you have the opportunity to cross one, stop and just take in the history that surrounds you.....I have always loved them and hope the remaining bridges last long enough for our children and grandchildren to be able to feel the history too......Here in Northeast Pennsylvania we have several...and thankfully there are organizations that feel the importance of keeping a slice of history alive.....I thought you might enjoy a little "History Class" this morning! Why cover the bridges? Today covered … [Read more...]

Where is Autumn

It’s been in the seventy’s here in Northeast Pennsylvania…….I think Mother Nature must have fallen asleep after her Palates  class…..we should be chopping wood and getting out the old flannels……a few weeks ago it went down to 40 degrees …. I was really feeling Autumn in the air…..sigh….and then yesterday the ceiling fans were whirling……so I decided to force Fall to come …"wake up mama nature – my pumpkins need to have something to smile about"…..this is what I was busy with yesterday…..the front porch and the mantle in the yellow-soon-to-be-grey dining room….snapping photos….in my shorts….For … [Read more...]

Room Makeover

I love the month of October.....the colors, smells and the baking! But this October, its inside project why not start with the busiest room in our house....... The Dining room /Sunday dinner room / Christmas wrapping station / 2000 piece puzzle room / grandkids cake decorating room....sigh..... yes this room is the busiest in the house! Although its a long walk from the kitchen, we realized when we built the house that we needed a large room and a large table! On an average Sunday supper there are eleven of us! I'm hoping it will be done … [Read more...]

Funny on Friday

It's a beautiful September morning here in Pennsylvania and its Friday!!!! So, I was thinking of a story that would give you a chuckle.......Goodness knows there are enough "Funny Stories" in my Life's Journal to cover a month of Sunday's so here we go down Memory's Laugh Lane....... Growing up, we had a house on the Delaware river, between Milford & Dingman's Ferry here in Pennsylvania…my dad and his brother built it and we would spend all of our weekends and summers there….now neither of them were builders by any means, but they built this solid little house by hand with wood they … [Read more...]

Rosemary Garlic Latkes

Do you ever just feel like a little light potato something with supper? this is my favorite "Potato Something" side dish....goes with chicken, pork you name it! and easy to make......Growing up in New York, your friendship circle is usually quite diverse....I had friends that hailed from Germany, Turkey, Italy and even the West supper at one of their homes meant you ate what ever "Mrs." was making! I remember Friday night's at my friend Marilyn's house, she was Jewish and her mom made the best Latkes! little potato pancakes.. (this is the closest recipe I have found that … [Read more...]