Silver and White…

It's getting colder up here in the Pennsylvania mountains.....winter is definitely coming.....this morning the buck was here trying to figure out how to get to the bird feeders, a red fox ran across the back, stopped to check out the buck's progress and then decided to move on....feeling sorry for him I threw him some day old bread and a few corns....he shook his head which I took as  "Thank you"....I hope he doesn't tell the bear what's on the menu at Pineridge Hills..... Thanksgiving is a week away but I'm already done with it! We've been in "Autumn Mode" since Labor Day! So I decided … [Read more...]

Fall Days

What a Day this has been! First, a herd of deer came through...I was able to grab my camera and get a few photo's as they meandered up the ridge.... The rest are already up the ridge...... Then I heard a ruckus on the side of the house so my camera and I got to the front just in time to catch a few photo's of a flock of wild turkeys.... A few minutes later my "Boyz" went crazy on the deck so my camera and I ran once again...this time it was the black bear..... (Or Bigfoot - depending on the kind of day your having!)..... that's been visiting the bird feeders! sorry the picture is … [Read more...]

Glitter Anyone?

Sorry I am a day late.....Ever have one of those weeks where no matter what you do your twenty minutes late? or have to do something several times in order to get it right? Yup! That's the week I've had! Well anyway, I promised another holiday project.....this one is so simple - can you open a package? DONE! My favorite store is Big Lots...I find the greatest ...Stuff... know... Stuff... you didn't know you needed till you saw it?  I knew you would understand..... So what I did was purchase these cute little ornaments and repurposed them.....lets start.... from that to … [Read more...]

Country Lunch

It was 31 degrees this morning! The pumpkins on the porch are asking for scarves.......hmmmm, scarves for pumpkins? have to think about that one! Homemade chicken soup and grilled cheese sandwiches are on the menu today.....and a Hot Rum Toddy with a cinnamon stick for stirring while sitting in front of the fire.... Simple tablescape with my favorite little pig that my husband made.....cute story about my pig, while cleaning my countertop one day my little pig fell off and broke his foot! I was so husband picked him up and said looks like "Bacon" for breakfast! I nearly hit him … [Read more...]

Grandma’s Cupboard

Good Morning!! Being sick is NOT fun......while in bed under the covers I thought how nice it would be to have homemade soup brought up on a tray and have someone just hug me! I realized that's a  "Grandma" it got me thinking of my grandmother.....sigh... she has been gone a very long time but I am so fortunate to have many of her keepsakes that was passed down and saved for me.....her table linens, some that she made just for me.....her antique dinnerware and glassware and several pieces of jewelry....I have just finished a few months of searching on and found … [Read more...]

Finally Friday!

Happy Friday!!!! So how was your week? Busy or non-eventful? Mine was a BEAR! Last week my washing machine decided to “Run away from home”! now waiting for parts.... Then this week the fridge decided to go too! again, waiting for the parts..... Late last night was the septic! It’s probably the only thing I miss about living in the city… never think of wells and septic’s! Oh, why did I mention the well? It’s the only mainstay that  Stayed  so far……sigh...... Well, at least last night we had a fabulous dinner!! (Have no choice but to cook as much as I can - my new fridge is the cooler … [Read more...]

Black and Orange Autumn Table

Good Morning! Today was a little strange here at Pineridge Hills......I got out of bed and came downstairs to start my morning with was 5:15.... to my surprise the table was set! hmmm, very nice - but who did it? I thought I saw a flash of orange behind me....could it be a gremlin? I've heard of these little orange guys that sneak into houses and play havoc in the kitchen.....what do you think?         hmmm, pumpkins on the napkins? is it a hint? Maybe I should go outside and see if anyone is there....your coming with me aren't … [Read more...]

Autumn Tables

I think "Mother Nature" heard me last week! Here in the Northeast we are finally going to get a bit cooler! not snow-boot weather but at least cool enough to throw the extra blanket on at night....I am thinking of a get-together for a cool night by the fire and big bowls of Beef Bourguignon with noodles and Potato Leek soup.....Have any special dinner plans this month? I was surfing the net for some really nice tablescapes for a rustic fireside supper.....I love to see how folks put together a beautiful table, you know who you are! the idea's are endless and the imaginations are … [Read more...]

Burlap/Black Tablescape

Well the first week of Fall here in Pennsylvania is beautiful.......our days range around 70 degrees and the nights go down into the 40's.....trees are just starting to turn ever so slightly.....I know that one of these days I'll look out and Fall will have peaked! So I'm trying to stay ahead of it so I can get beautiful pictures this year! Next week starts "Fall Foliage" in the town of Jim Thorpe....our county's a beautiful town, I will be taking plenty of pictures! This week I was "Throwing my eyes" In several fabric centers...but I had the most luck at Walmart! I … [Read more...]

Red Oak & Acorns Fall Table

September chills are running through the mountains here at of course there is a big pot of chicken soup cooking on the stove, bread in the oven and firewood stacked just waiting to be for the table....dark red and rustic them together! Yesterday mapquest and I decided it was time for a road trip....(GPS always gets me lost!) I finally found my way to Homegoods! Why didn't you tell me? I could have handled the secret....I traveled 32 miles to get there but I would have traveled a day and a half! well, you all know about this mecca in "Dishland"....I … [Read more...]