Memorial Day Ideas

Memorial Day Ideas... could the holiday almost be  here?....I need to get busy...... I've been so involved with my little Yorkie "Elvis" and trying to get him over his allergies that it has literally taken up my days! He started two weeks ago, after his third visit to vet we finally got him started on prednisone and hopefully this will do the trick. So my poor little baby has been under the weather and wanting to be held all day.....Now that Daddy's home, I can get some Mommy time! But first I have to let go of him... And now to start thinking of how to entertain on the first "Official" … [Read more...]

Kentucky Derby Brunch…

Tomorrow is the 141st. "Run for the Roses", or as most know it as the Kentucky Derby...."the most exciting two minutes in sports".... the Kentucky Derby is a 1.25 mile race for three-year-old thoroughbred horses. It is the first leg of the American Triple Crown and is followed by the Preakness Stakes, then the Belmont Stakes. Unlike the Preakness and Belmont Stakes, which took hiatuses in 1891-1893 and 1911-1912, respectively, the Kentucky Derby has been run every consecutive year since 1875. A horse must win all three races to win the Triple Crown.  The Derby is the crowning event after a … [Read more...]

Country Picnics…….

Hello everyone! Did you have a great weekend? Here in Northern Pennsylvania the weather was beautiful! And today is 70 degrees.  My kind of weather.....Everyone is outside, wheel-barrows are filled with dirt, mulch and new plants for the garden.  Neighbors are waving to each other and gossiping over rakes and hoes.  I always wonder why it takes my husband so long to mow the front of the house in early Spring, then I realized he stops to talk to everyone who passes by either by pickup, car or horse! We were busy starting to get ready for Spring to really hit us! We started taking inventory of … [Read more...]

March Madness….

I see green stuff!! Oh....I think its grass....Yes! Friday will be the First Day of Spring, and it is slowly making its way  up the mountain...... So that makes today is the last Monday before Spring! Yes, I know...I need fresh air and sunshine....... Well I for one can not wait. My front door is waiting for that knock, you know, when Spring arrives with all it's luggage, and you throw open all the windows and go running through all the rooms pulling down drapes and washing windows till they glisten in the sunlight....shampoo rugs, get the 15 ft. ladder out to clean and shine the hall … [Read more...]

SSSSSSSSH – It’s a surprise!

Good morning sunshine! yes the sun is out but its nippy up here on the mountain! Autumn forgot to tell us to get the sweaters out this past matter.....our kitchen is in full gear, I'm baking bread, there is a pot of Beef Stew on the stove and I'm knee deep in making chocolate heart-shaped pink lollipops! Ok...I'll tell you why but its a don't tell anyone..... Well...ok you can tell your sister and your neighbor......yes your first cousin on your mothers side and your niece in Altoona... oh Heck! its not that big of a secret! I decided that for my grandchildren's … [Read more...]

July 4th…..

So where did June go??? Its almost July 4th already! PineRidge Hills has been under siege from paint buckets, spackle and ladders.....but it's all worth it....The renovation is coming along beautifully! I'll be sharing it with you soon..... But for now, I have been scouring through photo's of how we all celebrate the 4th......there will be some of you doing so with sand between your toes and some with mountain views......some on a lake and some camping through Yellowstone...wherever you chose to spend it, or with whom.....remember no matter what our differences are....we have the freedom … [Read more...]

Spanakopita Bites…..

One of my favorite appetizers to make is Barefoot Contessa's Dinner spanakopitas.....but if you don't have the time here is my solution..... I used Fillo Shells instead of sheets to cut my time in beautifully! they are already made and all you do is stuff them and heat! Ingredients: 1 Tablespoon vegetable oil 1 small onion, chopped 3 green onions, chopped 10 ounces frozen chopped spinach. thawed and squeezed dry 4 to 6 ounces domestic feta cheese, crumbled 1 cup ricotta cheese 1 egg Salt and pepper to taste 2-3 Boxes Frozen Fillo Shells 8 tablespoons butter (1 … [Read more...]

It’s Tuesday…

  Yup, that's as far as I got............                                      ........... No explanations............ drama induced burnt Eggs Benedict caused it............ I just woke up and realized that today I got nothin' write about...........that would spark an interest.......or get your creative juices DIY on how to convert the dishwasher into a flatscreen TV so you could see how all that Mac n' Cheese from last night washes away .......No cute way of taking a box of 8,685 Q-tips and turning it into … [Read more...]

Progressive Lunch…

Sunshine!   two days in a row.... Seriously? It's still only 22 degrees out but at least the Sun is shining down on all our "Ice Trees"...... Today I'm hosting an impromptu Luncheon.......a few friends and I get together for lunch to plan our next get together, you've heard of Progressive Dinner Parties? where you go to one house for appetizers, then onto someone else for the main course and finally at the last house - dessert!....well we are doing something similar for lunch....with a twist......because its only lunch we choose the host, and we bring everything there....the twist? We … [Read more...]