Office/Sewing Room Redo

We are finally getting there! the office is livable again.  My husband, the saint, has been busy.  I need a few small details and we can cross this off our "Honey-Do List"....It turned out better than I had hoped.  I love the colors and now just need drapes and a few pictures on the walls.  My intention is to bring my sewing room downstairs.  the light is so much nicer and the view of the front road and forest across the street is beautiful. I have an old oak cabinet that I am going to paint white and add small chunky legs to it.  It will go in the corner and hold my most of my sewing … [Read more...]

Hello Monday!

Well, how was your Easter? did you find all the eggs you hid? Was the Easter Bunny pleased with your tablescape? Now that its all over, we have time to concentrate on Spring! I had part of my family over for dinner, there were only eight of us for dinner and my nephew and grandson who chose their Easter baskets over dinner - typical kids! so I'm going to share some quick photo's of my small table! We actually bought the folding table out from the garage and set it up in the kitchen instead of using the formal dining room....My husband cut me some branches and I hung my eggs on them! quick … [Read more...]

What to do with a tea cup?

How many times have you seen a beautiful, lonesome teacup and saucer at a tag sale and thought "Oh, if there were only a few more of you!" and walk away... I have....but not anymore! I found, while surfing, LOL.... some wonderful and creative things to do with teacups! The next time I see a mismatched cup and saucer or just a lonesome pair I am going to scoop them up and get creative! I'll be "flea marketing" this Friday...wish me luck! I think this would be lovely on an Easter table....don't you? Is this not adorable? I LOVE this! I would think you will need a good drill … [Read more...]

Easter In The Country….

Easter in the country........I love it!Is it really different? well, I think so...I was fortunate that although I grew up in Brooklyn, New York we had a "Country House" on the Delaware River in Pike County, Pennsylvania.  We spent just about every weekend and all our holidays and summers up on the river.  My dad and my uncle Jim built our little house and growing up there was the beginning of my love of all things "Country".....especially holidays! Easter was usually bitter cold, with some snow still on the mountain.  We had a gas heater and a pot belly stove that was packed at night and it … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning…

I know I've been MIA since the weekend, trying to enjoy the sliver of Spring mother Nature gave us! We dodged yet another bullet yesterday and only got a dusting of the "White Stuff"! This is me sticking my tongue out at "You know who"!  ))))) So what have you all been up to? We  had a busy weekend, my husband and I attended the Jim Thorpe Policemens' Ball on Saturday and a Brunch on Sunday......Monday was the start of "Spring Cleaning" here at PineRidge Hills.....I say start cause I'll be 103 when it gets finished....... Why do we save so much stuff?????  I mean - really? I so wish I … [Read more...]

Cook’s Corner Weekend # 2

Another weekend is here and I have another great cookbook from my collection to share with you......Yes, another favorite! Well, they are all my favorites!          BUT this one is full of beautiful table settings and recipes.......this is my "Go To" book for easy recipes and idea's for the table...... Author: Patty Roper Cookbook: Easy Does It / Winners & Favorites   Visit Patty roper's pinterest are a few of her favorites.....making these for Easter! I found these on Pinterest … [Read more...]

First Day of Spring!!!

........Wait for it.................   FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes! I know! I am so excited.......and no, I'm not listening to the extended weather report..... some fool on the weather channel said something about cold air and snow next week...... nope, this girl is not listening! Now, I know your all lets see how we can spend the First Day of Spring.......   Add bursts of color throughout your house. Arrange fresh, cut flowers in vases and bowls in every room. Wear them in your hair. Plan a primavera picnic dinner. If you can't … [Read more...]

Spring Table

Spring is headed our way....I got it from a good source...... The Birds! Our feeders have been "Standing Room Only!" even the Robins are willing to wait their turn......AND......the storm Vulcan is only going to give us snow..... So I decided to breakout the new bowls I bought at Home Goods.......hindsight I should have picked up the coordinating plates that went with them....found them on EBay, but waiting until I make another road-trip to Home Goods.  Maybe I'll luck out and they will still have them.....Keep your fingers … [Read more...]

Spring Hutch…

Just a quickie today! Started sprucing up for the coming of Spring! Here in northeast Pennsylvania its been hitting close to sixty in the sun! I'm so excited! So started getting things ready for the sweet smell of grass and glimmers of pink and yellow coming up out of the dirt......The robins have been swooning all over the bird feeders so I know mother Nature has finally given up and is letting Spring - Spring! I changed out a few things on the hutch to get us motivated........Tomorrow I'll be sharing a tablescape with my new finds from Home Goods! Happy Tuesday! I started with … [Read more...]

Cozy folkzy Guestroom

Last week I shared a few photo's of one of two guestrooms we have here....the yellow room is geared towards my granddaughter....yellow, pink and hunter green...and what I like to call Shabby Chic meets Cozy folkzy.....Yup, new word around here! I started collecting folk art over thirty years ago, I found a wonderful artist/woodworker duo, Pat & Tim Rodeghier who own a shop  in Michigan...The Plum Tree....I think they have evolved into furniture making now.  I have so many of their pieces (All of the pictures below) and although "Country" is not as popular as it was in the 1980's, there … [Read more...]