Picnic by the Lake

Having lunch by the lake is so relaxing! especially after two weeks of non-stop house renovations.......I bought along my book and sunglasses and just sat.....Have you done that lately? you know, nothing........ It's an awesome way to spend an afternoon! I live within a mile from Beltzville Lake here in northeast Pennsylvania......The lake is bordered by Beltzville State Park, almost 3,000 square acres and the lake has twenty miles of shoreline. During the week its just local folk, on the weekends we get quite a crowd coming up from the city. But during the week is my favorite  time to … [Read more...]

Summer Solstice…..

How did you spend The Longest Day of the Year? "Summer Solstice arrived on Saturday, June 21 at 6:51 a.m. EDT. The length of time between sunrise and sunset  increased by one second between Saturday and Sunday and then decreased by 2 seconds today -  Sunday. Our sunsets stay at 8:25 through the first few days of July, but the sunrises will begin becoming later immediately after the solstice. The speed at which we lose daylight is very slow at first, but speeds up each day. By the time we get to July 7th we are losing a minute a day and by the end of July just over 2 minutes of daylight … [Read more...]

Knee Deep in Paint!

I know its been a thousand years since I last posted! well, you know what I mean......but the love of my Life has been like the energizer bunny! we are actually ahead of schedule! center Hall is painted and chair rail goes up tomorrow, and then this weekend the breakfast room and family room will be done. Back-splash in kitchen goes up during the week and then....ummmmm, we actually might be finished downstairs! Yup, almost there! I have been working on several posts and am thinking of revamping the blog....September will be one year that PineRidge Hills came on board and I've learned so much … [Read more...]

Gifts anyone?

  So what do you do when a gift you gave to someone ends up on their table at a garage sale?........ Do you point it out to your friend or just move on to the housewares she is selling?...... (Like she would know what a salad spinner is!) Do you immediately think back to that long shopping day when you lovingly picked out that gift? all the time spent on where she would place it? how it would majestically sit on the buffet at Christmas dinner? how guests would all try to steal that lovely gift you, her dearest and closest friend( Well maybe not that close) bestowed upon … [Read more...]

No housework?

While the renovation is still under tow inside PineRidge Hills, the outside is coming alive! Tomato plants are in, Parsley, Oregano, Sweet Basil and Rosemary are all planted too......PineRidge Hills is "All-over Green Again!" My husband, the renovator, has informed me that there is no reason to dust or mop the floors, as the sanding is about to commence! Really? no housework for a few days? What in the world will I do with myself??? Well, the boys and I went for a walk, visited the hens and the roosters.....We found a load of pinecones for Fall projects, we said hello to Brigid and Glen's … [Read more...]

Pineridge Hills under seige!

Well, the love of my life is at it again! My husband, my "MacGyver" is knee deep in paint, spackle and dropcloths! He is determined to get the house finished and has assured me this is the last time he will put paint brush to wall - ever! hmmmm, better make sure I can live with these colors for ever!! I am searching out drapes and couches.....I love my pictures that have been with us for years, they cost me a fortune to have framed so I am going to spruce them up a bit by taking the picture frames off, and painting the mats....I got a quart of the grey "Flagstone" down in a lighter … [Read more...]

The Book Corner at Pineridge Hills

Bookshelves. Books,books and more books! Did I mention I love books? Lol! I think its the writer in me. I have always loved books since I can remember. When I got one for a birthday or even one hiding under the Christmas tree I was thrilled. So needless to say I have always had bookshelves in my home. When my daughters were little, my husband and I invested in a set of Britannica encyclopedia's. You remember them, don't you? that's what we used before Wikipedia online came about! I paid $14.00 a month back in 1975. I donated them to our local library before we moved to PineRidge Hills. I … [Read more...]

Decorating the “Empty Nester” house….

So spring is here, the snow is totally gone and the living room is done! So now, new sofa? new chair? Oh so many decisions! Now that we are "Empty Nesters" the house seems overwhelming.....and even more so now that we want to replace some furniture! My husband, the genius with tools, made me a beautiful hutch for the breakfast room, and now is planning to make a farmhouse table to match.  I plan to get black Windsor chairs to go with it.  Then I plan to do black and white buffalo check drapes on either side of the glass sliders and chair cushions to match.  I'll probably make them.....or maybe … [Read more...]

Tulips everywhere!

Happy Cinco De Mayo / Monday everyone! It is a lovely morning here at PineRidge Hills....the clouds have broken away, and the sun is out.  My apple trees are budding, as is the Kousa Dogwood in front of the house.  The fig trees seem to have survived that late snowfall we had.  My husband, the lawn specialist, gave the front lawns their first mowing.  It looks like a velvet blanket of green...... Ah, all is good! I hope....... Last week a friend of my husband's, gave us a trailer filled with tulips, Hyacinths and a variety of lilies and azaleas.  It was like Christmas morning - … [Read more...]

The new Bear “No Snacking” pole!

As promised yesterday, I wanted to share the new "Bear Trap" so to speak that my husband designed and forged himself...if anyone is interested I'll be glad to have him draw out the design! This is not so much a trap as it is a deterrent....the problem was that "Bradford the Bear" has been helping himself to the suet and the bird seed. The problem was, well, I certainly didn't want to run into him, and he was pulling the hooks right off the pole and snapping them! My husband would weld them back together but Bradford wasn't impressed nor was he relenting in his pursuit of Snacks! So here it … [Read more...]