Raspberry Shortcakes……

It's been a thousand years!.......                      Seriously......I have been "Non-Blogging" for that long.....Well it feels like it....... Where have I been?......well, laundry room, closets, power washing deck and house, refinishing furniture in the garage, still house-painting......ugh! I dream in color swatches! I think I've had it......Burnt out! So yes, I took a few days off and went for long walks along the lake, visited a few friends and a few cows that I have come to know......bought apples to the two horses who come up the road for a visit every now and … [Read more...]

DIY: Designer plates

Good Morning! and yes it is just beautiful here at PineRidge Hills! Summer has finally arrived with all its sweet breezes and green as far as the eye can see....although they are calling for clouds this afternoon.....never know what kind of weather you'll get up here on the mountain! But for now I'll take the sun-drenched mornings....... Our Kousa is looking unbelievable this Spring.......  Everything in the front is doing well....now we just need to finish the landscaping! During the holiday weekend I'll get the urns in the front planted....I think I'll do red Geraniums with … [Read more...]

Knee Deep in Paint!

I know its been a thousand years since I last posted! well, you know what I mean......but the love of my Life has been like the energizer bunny! we are actually ahead of schedule! center Hall is painted and chair rail goes up tomorrow, and then this weekend the breakfast room and family room will be done. Back-splash in kitchen goes up during the week and then....ummmmm, we actually might be finished downstairs! Yup, almost there! I have been working on several posts and am thinking of revamping the blog....September will be one year that PineRidge Hills came on board and I've learned so much … [Read more...]

Pineridge Hills under seige!

Well, the love of my life is at it again! My husband, my "MacGyver" is knee deep in paint, spackle and dropcloths! He is determined to get the house finished and has assured me this is the last time he will put paint brush to wall - ever! hmmmm, better make sure I can live with these colors for ever!! I am searching out drapes and couches.....I love my pictures that have been with us for years, they cost me a fortune to have framed so I am going to spruce them up a bit by taking the picture frames off, and painting the mats....I got a quart of the grey "Flagstone" down in a lighter … [Read more...]

Tulips everywhere!

Happy Cinco De Mayo / Monday everyone! It is a lovely morning here at PineRidge Hills....the clouds have broken away, and the sun is out.  My apple trees are budding, as is the Kousa Dogwood in front of the house.  The fig trees seem to have survived that late snowfall we had.  My husband, the lawn specialist, gave the front lawns their first mowing.  It looks like a velvet blanket of green...... Ah, all is good! I hope....... Last week a friend of my husband's, gave us a trailer filled with tulips, Hyacinths and a variety of lilies and azaleas.  It was like Christmas morning - … [Read more...]

The new Bear “No Snacking” pole!

As promised yesterday, I wanted to share the new "Bear Trap" so to speak that my husband designed and forged himself...if anyone is interested I'll be glad to have him draw out the design! This is not so much a trap as it is a deterrent....the problem was that "Bradford the Bear" has been helping himself to the suet and the bird seed. The problem was, well, I certainly didn't want to run into him, and he was pulling the hooks right off the pole and snapping them! My husband would weld them back together but Bradford wasn't impressed nor was he relenting in his pursuit of Snacks! So here it … [Read more...]

Here comes the sun!

Soooo, I'm back! And there are so many projects on the dining room table that I had to number them! LOL! the rain is gone - the sun is out - the boys are out sunning on the deck and I do believe Elvis is trying to get his brothers into a game of soccer....Their audience are the Gold finches, two Cowbirds and three rabbits......all the "PineRidge Hills Ladies" were here today...the feathered and the furry ones! and Mr. Bradford the Bear hit our bird feeder - again! My husband, the genius, has just forged a new iron piece to fit on top of the eight foot pole he made last summer that holds … [Read more...]

Office/Sewing Room Redo

We are finally getting there! the office is livable again.  My husband, the saint, has been busy.  I need a few small details and we can cross this off our "Honey-Do List"....It turned out better than I had hoped.  I love the colors and now just need drapes and a few pictures on the walls.  My intention is to bring my sewing room downstairs.  the light is so much nicer and the view of the front road and forest across the street is beautiful. I have an old oak cabinet that I am going to paint white and add small chunky legs to it.  It will go in the corner and hold my most of my sewing … [Read more...]

What to do with a tea cup?

How many times have you seen a beautiful, lonesome teacup and saucer at a tag sale and thought "Oh, if there were only a few more of you!" and walk away... I have....but not anymore! I found, while surfing, LOL.... some wonderful and creative things to do with teacups! The next time I see a mismatched cup and saucer or just a lonesome pair I am going to scoop them up and get creative! I'll be "flea marketing" this Friday...wish me luck! I think this would be lovely on an Easter table....don't you? Is this not adorable? I LOVE this! I would think you will need a good drill … [Read more...]

Did you know?

I am always looking for new and creative ways to get things done! Housework is one of them.  So when I someone gives me "Tips" on cutting my time down spent inside the house - I listen! I thought on this cloudy Monday morning I would share some tips with you and hopefully it will make your day go by a little bit faster....   USED DRYER SHEETS 1. wipe down your television screen. The anti-static chemicals in a dryer sheet will help to repel dust and lint. 2. Use old dryer sheets to easily wipe up talcum powder, flour, and other messes of this type. 3. Used sheets usually … [Read more...]