Pennsylvania Roads: Hex Signs

  Here in Pennsylvania we just can't keep up with the snow! We plow and by time the Love of my Life puts the truck away, its snowing again! I saw him yesterday throw his hands up and yell "I quit!" This was 4:30 in the morning......I am sure the neighbors thought he must be getting stir-crazy! When He came inside he asked what I was planning for my day....a cup of Earl Grey and a blueberry muffin! and I am hitting the road in search of all that Pennsylvania has to teach me.....He kissed me good bye and said "Well, have a good trip don't forget to write.." So where am I going … [Read more...]

“Merry Christmas To All…….”

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year!  ......Pineridge Hills has been planning and scheming as to what we want to bring to you in 2015....and although we've been "Missing In Action" lately, its because I've been busy behind the scenes coming up with some new idea's to share with you in the new year.... I love blogging and although my first year was a learning process I've me tsuch wonderful people and have been mentored by some of the best so I'm going to share some new venues with you the first week of January.... One new feature will be "Country Visits".....I thought you … [Read more...]

Deck the Halls…….

Laundry is done, dogs are walked and now fast asleep in front of the fireplace....Wood is crackling and the sun is just starting to peek over Blueridge Mountain. I love this time of the morning, its so quiet and a great time to just sit for a bit and dive into one of my magazines....I'm not ready to give up the feel or the smell of a book or magazine. There's nothing like turning those pages and ooohing and aaahing! So here I am going through my favorite magazines and several of my Christmas books for quick little gifts and idea's for next week.... Over the weekend, I skimmed through Pinterest … [Read more...]

Twelve Days Left!

Well, I've been trying to get ready for the 25th! But I think I may have to ask Christmas to start without me! ..........The inside is decorated and Sunday the outside will be all glittery in anticipation of the Big Guy coming down the chimney..... and I've gotten most of my gift-buying done thanks to the internet! Menu for our open house on Christmas Eve has been approved by all the elves..... .....But I still feel - not ready! .........What's wrong? This will be my Fortith Christmas Eve that I've hosted.....Maybe I'm just "Burntout"......I think Santa needs to bring me a Spa … [Read more...]

Oh, Christmas tree…

Good Morning! I know it's been much going here on the mountain.... Thanksgiving was filled with family and a surprise visit from my neice who flew in thanksgiving morning from Florida! The whole family came for dinner, and we had such a wonderful day..... But now we need to get serious....three weeks to Christmas! so Thanksgiving weekend, the "Love of my life" and I got the house ready for Santa. we host an "Open House" on Christmas Eve so we needed to get a move on! The trees went up in the center hall and the dining room, garland on the mantles and all the Santa's came out … [Read more...]

October Bookclub Brunch

  Spooky, suspensful what will happen next? Sounds like the chatter around the Bookclub Table at Pineridge Hills! This month we decided to read "The Walk" by Lee Goldberg..... ..."Marty Slack, a TV network executive, crawls out from under his Mercedes, parked outside what once was a downtown Los Angeles warehouse, the location for a new TV show. Downtown LA is in ruins. The sky is thick with black smoke. His cell phone is dead. The freeways are rubble. The airport is demolished. Buildings lay across streets like fallen trees. It will be days before help can … [Read more...]

Breakfast Room DIY Drapes

Have you ever walked through your favorite store and ...sighed.....Hmmmmm, how do I fit that into my budget? Oh, well another time..... That happened to me when I walked through Country Curtains.......I love the Buffalo Check drapes, but I have four more rooms of drapes to get done before the holidays and so had to pull myself away..... Then Boscov's sent me an email with unbelievable sales and I saw these beautiful tablecloths....I remembered Marty over at A Stroll Through Life had made drapes from these tablecloths for her living room! BAM! What have I got to loose? The only thing I … [Read more...]

Gold Leaf Clocks….

And how are your weekend plans going? We are busy here......trying to get geared up for Fall - my most favorite time of year! But we still have to finish some projects like painting the small downstairs bathroom and installing the Travertine backsplash in the kitchen....will be sharing that with you soon...but for now I wanted to share my "new/old"  found hobby "Gold Leafing"....I grew up with parents who were in the framing and antiques business. My mom, taught me how to Leaf and cast dad could refinish an antique frame, and if a piece was missing he could reproduce it from … [Read more...]

Anniversay Week!

Good morning! I thought this week we go back one year to when PineRidge Hills was just getting its feet wet in I'm going to share some of our most popular, and some of my favorite days here on the mountain! Your going to need another cup of tea this morning...... Lets see how Autumn played up here at PineRidge one year ago.........Our mornings are still Misty! The Boyz still love to play on the deck, although Oliver is starting to feel his age a bit more this year.  December 3rd will mark Oliver & Duncan's 11th birthday(The Westies) and Elvis' 8th!(Our adorable … [Read more...]

The New PineRidge Hills

Dear Friends, Yes, I know that my blog has been woefully out of date, with no news for a very long time. I have been up to my eyeballs lately, and somehow I never seemed to sit down long enough to write. Where to start? Well, at the beginning of the summer, I actually convinced “The Love of My Life”, that it was time to start some renovations on this house……it had been over seven years since we painted, and the updates we always talked about but never acted on were calling our names – actually screaming at us! Now, mind you, tackling this whole house at the same time is no small feat! So … [Read more...]