Autumn Farewells

Autumn on the mountain brings with it a sense of change on all fronts, it also brings farewells.....some are easier to deal with than others.... The  leaves fall and the trees seem to become bare almost over night, delicious aromas both inside and out, a color palate that only Mother Nature could conger up. The lake is ablaze in color, as if someone came along with a brush and didn't miss a stroke. This is also a  time to replenish the firewood, fill the clothesline with flannel sheets and watch the colorful quilts bow to the gusts of October winds that are slowly … [Read more...]

What if you woke up today….

……What if you woke up today with only what you thanked God for yesterday?................. I saw those words this morning in an email a friend sent me, it was 5:45 am and my husband had just left for work.  I was finishing my cup of tea and last nights crossword puzzle while going through my emails...... .........something to really think about..... but first I have to get the laundry started and marinade the roast for supper tonight.  I have ironing to do and the vacuum is screaming my name in five languages..... .........but after that I'm going to give this some … [Read more...]

Autumn Revisited……

Autumn Revisited!....It's been two years since we launched PineRidge Hills......where did the time go? We have been through two Christmas', Easter Sundays', Summer BBQs', but this is our third Autumn so lets start our anniversary trip with our first season.   This is absolutely my most favorite time of year. The crisp air and vibrant colors, the wool blankets coupled with hot spiced tea.....the fireplace ablaze with the smell of hickory. Even my "Fur babies" love Autumn. They actually prance around when they see their sweaters coming out of the closet. This year, we have finally made a dent … [Read more...]

Happy Anniversary PineRidge Hills

 Happy Anniversary PineRidge Hills....Anniversaries carry such emphasis on our lives, they mark important times and events. And this anniversary is not disappointing! Yup, PineRidge Hills Blog started two years ago! I can't believe it! I want to thank all of you for joining me on this exciting adventure...I've met such wonderful people across the country....and for so many who have visited us on FaceBook and have become "Family".....Thank you for an amazing story. I hope I have bought some laughter to your day, a few new recipes to your table, maybe a reason to take a road-trip and visit my … [Read more...]

Spring where are you?

Have I told you? Did you get the memo?.....How about the full page ad I took out?....No?.....well, ok I'll tell you again...... I'VE HAD IT WITH THE SNOW!!!!!...........I AM DONE! MOTHER NATURE - I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!!!! ok...I feel so much better now.........yes, more snow coming tomorrow for Northeast Pennsylvania.  Then the "Heat-Wave" is coming Saturday and should continue through out next week! Yipppeee! I am doing everything to get rid of the winter blues.....I decided to work at the kitchen table rather than my office, the view is better don't you think? My three assistants … [Read more...]

A Year At Pineridge Hills

Continuing from yesterday we are looking back at our first year of Pineridge Hills here on the mountain.....and its been a wonderful year, filled with new friends and a  sharing of stories........ Much has been done to our home here in Northeast Pennsylvania.  PineRidge Hills has been mowed, painted, stained, planted and plowed over this past year, and its all GOOD......of course none of this would have been possible without the "Love of my life" husband Al the true MacGyver! So lets continue down memory lane...or, maybe I should say deck.......Al and I are "Deck People", love … [Read more...]

Anniversay Week!

Good morning! I thought this week we go back one year to when PineRidge Hills was just getting its feet wet in I'm going to share some of our most popular, and some of my favorite days here on the mountain! Your going to need another cup of tea this morning...... Lets see how Autumn played up here at PineRidge one year ago.........Our mornings are still Misty! The Boyz still love to play on the deck, although Oliver is starting to feel his age a bit more this year.  December 3rd will mark Oliver & Duncan's 11th birthday(The Westies) and Elvis' 8th!(Our adorable … [Read more...]

Kids Table……

 Well, the grandkids are coming over for lunch......I was asked "Grandma how come we don't get our own tablescape?" hmmmm, good question! but Grandma has the answer.....first of all, you need to have something bright and unbreakable and of course doodling will be here is my quick Friday - OUTSIDE  "Grandkids Brunch"...... Menu Chicken fingers French Fries Ice Cream Floats (Grandma's are allowed to serve whatever kids want) Crayons & Colored Pencils Pretty Edged Cutting Scissors A whole ream of paper Here is their tablescape we went from this: To … [Read more...]

No housework?

While the renovation is still under tow inside PineRidge Hills, the outside is coming alive! Tomato plants are in, Parsley, Oregano, Sweet Basil and Rosemary are all planted too......PineRidge Hills is "All-over Green Again!" My husband, the renovator, has informed me that there is no reason to dust or mop the floors, as the sanding is about to commence! Really? no housework for a few days? What in the world will I do with myself??? Well, the boys and I went for a walk, visited the hens and the roosters.....We found a load of pinecones for Fall projects, we said hello to Brigid and Glen's … [Read more...]

Dogs vs. Bunny!

Well, we figured its getting to be that time know when the grass starts to get that bright green color and windows get washed......Mommy starts humming as she makes the floor all wet with that stick....we can never understand why she yells at us when we try to play hockey with her...isn't that what she's trying to do with that big stick?  Parents can be so hard to figure out sometimes! She had the doors open today but there still that wet white stuff on the deck so we can't go out and matter....we found something else to occupy us while Mommy is cleaning and redoing … [Read more...]