Autumn Wedding

 Is there anything more beautiful than an "Autumn wedding"? well, maybe just weddings in general.....but I am just a tad biased towards Autumn. I was married in September and now my oldest daughter is doing the same! September 26th to be exact. Her first wedding was a fairytale....traditional, planned for a very long time and with every detail adhered to. Sadly, even fairytales come to an end. Not ever thinking she would fall in love again, a chance meeting has brought us to a new chapter in our family saga and his name is Joey! So what kind of wedding does a transplanted Jersey Girl with an … [Read more...]

Childrens’ Picnic….

Here in Northeast Pennsylvania our children are now into their fifth week of Summer Vacation!  I can see the toll already taken on the what can you do to keep the energy flowing and productive? Give them full rein to run a muck! How do you reel them back in? host a Children's' Picnic under the old Birch trees..... .... the faster they run out of steam the faster you can get that ten minute breather ..... yes I remember those ten minute breaks.  I used to live for them! With three daughters my summers were calculated in Blinks of an Eye not days or weeks.  When … [Read more...]

We are on Hometalk!

Hi everyone! Just to let you know PineRidge is now on Hometalk! come on over and visit my board Heartfelt Homemade Gifts.........So much going on, all your DIY questions about Home & Garden  and lots of idea's over on Hometalk..... You can also share your own projects as well as ask questions to the HomeTalk community!   … [Read more...]

Spring Crafting….

So with spring comes the yearning to throw oneself into a pile of mulch...well, maybe not everyone but you get the idea! I can't wait to walk into the woods without boots, a coat and gloves! While, anticipating warm breezes and my tulips and daffodils, I started hunting for some Spring crafts and Easter idea's to get a jump on.... Along the way I found some of the best tips for a second pair of "Helping Hands" and some  great idea's that I had to share with all of you..... Sharpen your scissors by cutting sand paper. Place a little bit of Vaseline to the end of your glue gun to get … [Read more...]

Battle of the Faux….

A former neighbor from Pike County, stopped by on her way to visit her children in Ohio,  the house was spotless, furniture glistening, a wonderful lunch was beautifully set on the kitchen table and a fire roaring in the family room.....and I was not wearing sweat pants! even the dogs were well behaved....She came barreling through the front door with such fanfare that I thought HGTV was behind her telling me  I had won the 2015 Dream Home ! .....I didn't....... ............sigh......... After I realized she was alone, I welcomed her in and never got another word in edge-wise.......for … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day

So we have a week before chocolate finds it's way into our home and our palates! I asked my husband to please not bring home chocolates this year I'm trying so hard not give up on the diet, It's Thursday and I've started the regime four times this week alone! I know, my track record doesn't seem promising but I'm hanging in there! So, the "Love of my life" asked ...."If no candy then what?".......hmmmmm, well I guess I need to leave him a few clues..... First there is Chocolate that I could have tons of and never break with my diet! Chocolate diamonds! If jewelry is not on the … [Read more...]

Pennsylvania Roads: Hex Signs

  Here in Pennsylvania we just can't keep up with the snow! We plow and by time the Love of my Life puts the truck away, its snowing again! I saw him yesterday throw his hands up and yell "I quit!" This was 4:30 in the morning......I am sure the neighbors thought he must be getting stir-crazy! When He came inside he asked what I was planning for my day....a cup of Earl Grey and a blueberry muffin! and I am hitting the road in search of all that Pennsylvania has to teach me.....He kissed me good bye and said "Well, have a good trip don't forget to write.." So where am I going … [Read more...]

Sewing Room Gifts…

While visiting my dear friend Bettyann, the "Divine Ms. B" as she is known at Pineridge Hills....She  invited me over a few weeks before Christmas for Tea & freshly baked cake.....I was telling her I had just ordered several doll patterns so I could start creating a wardrobe for my granddaughters' new American Girl Dolls they were getting for Christmas. She said "Oh, Lois come with me!"......downstairs was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen! An actual, dedicated Sewing/Craft Room!  I mean, with wall to wall cabinets and counter tops and a sewing island in the middle! I was … [Read more...]

Deck the Halls…….

Laundry is done, dogs are walked and now fast asleep in front of the fireplace....Wood is crackling and the sun is just starting to peek over Blueridge Mountain. I love this time of the morning, its so quiet and a great time to just sit for a bit and dive into one of my magazines....I'm not ready to give up the feel or the smell of a book or magazine. There's nothing like turning those pages and ooohing and aaahing! So here I am going through my favorite magazines and several of my Christmas books for quick little gifts and idea's for next week.... Over the weekend, I skimmed through Pinterest … [Read more...]

Oh, Christmas tree…

Good Morning! I know it's been much going here on the mountain.... Thanksgiving was filled with family and a surprise visit from my neice who flew in thanksgiving morning from Florida! The whole family came for dinner, and we had such a wonderful day..... But now we need to get serious....three weeks to Christmas! so Thanksgiving weekend, the "Love of my life" and I got the house ready for Santa. we host an "Open House" on Christmas Eve so we needed to get a move on! The trees went up in the center hall and the dining room, garland on the mantles and all the Santa's came out … [Read more...]