My life went from New York City Corporate to Pennsylvania Mountains and the love of an old Christmas tree farm….Here’s everything in between…….
I am an avid cook,the ultimate Tree Hugger, animal lover and have an uncanny affection for farms!
 I believe that Angels walk among us and always remember to look up at the sunset – especially when you can’t see it.
I love flea markets, rainy days and driving my old ford pick-up truck down country dirt roads.
I cuss something awful when no one can hear me. I have a huge bucket list that now needs its own zip code. I married my childhood sweetheart forty years ago and still get butterfly’s when he pulls up the driveway.I am a Santa Collector and believe they should remain on display all year long. I love theme parties, supper in front of the fireplace and organized snowball fights.  I want to learn to do canning and how to shoe a horse, you never know when that might come in handy! I am deathly afraid of making a piecrust from scratch, do not like haunted houses and always carry my gun when walking thru the woods – just in case I run into bigfoot!  HATE snakes, not afraid of bears, and am against hunting for pleasure. I love everything traditional. did I mention how much I love to talk?…..I love Autumn & Christmas, my fireplace and watching life from my kitchen window. I get sad when my hummingbirds leave and the last leaves on my white birches finally surrender.
When approaching crossroads in my life I darn my big hoop earrings and my Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses, Pull up my pink Tractor supply farm boots, grab my Hermes’ Birkin knockoff and go shopping…
I live and breathe – Laughter – always