Summer Breezes……


Well…Summer is fading fast! Is that really possible? Wasn’t it just Memorial Day? I’m sure it was……..But the calendar is saying that Summer is quickly “Leaving the Station….” so I guess I must not have gotten the memo…..

Although there have been many changes here in the past year, there are many things that have stayed the same…..

The sound of the tractor, the smell of freshly mowed lawn, the deer eating all my tulips….then like clockwork the leaves on the Birches up on the ridge go from gold and yellow to being taken in one blow of an October wind to being bare and gray…..then all of a sudden there are buds on every tree and birds are choosing their branch for the summer stay and of course all the new “Babies” born this year on the farm behind us……

Makes me realize that while I was studying snowflakes and gray skies —— Spring not only came up the mountain, but decided to turn into Summer all in one trip!

……….So I kicked off Summer by experimenting all things new!……….

Summer Coolers, Mediterranean Suppers and wait for it….Yoga!

I know … right!

My dear sister-in-law signed us up for a two and a half hour class last month, we left there feeling renewed, calm, and best of all….relaxed! Then we walked thru our front doors and …. well so much for Yoga! but I’m willing to give it another try, maybe try a weekly class and hopefully get in the groove! If nothing else I have a scapegoat for not exercising!

I’ve also been gingerly going thru my mom’s cookbooks…..laughing at some of the notes she wrote along side them. I had no idea she had done that so thanks for the laughs Mom! Some of them were passed down from generations before, so I have to figure out how much a “Handful” is! I think I need to spend a weekend with Martha Stewart…..books and all!

I thought moving forward after losing my mother would be easier than it is. It was when my dad passed away, but I realize my mom did most of the reminiscing on her own and was able to part with his things on her own terms. And she was still here. As I go thru her “Life” I hesitate…. So needless to say, I haven’t gotten very far.

I gave her friends at the club all of her fabrics and sewing notions. They in turn brought it to the church and have been making quilts and blankets to send overseas – some for our military and some for children in need. So at least a little part of her is still moving thru time. Her antique crocks are in my kitchen now, the same ones I used to watch her make all kinds of food in as a kid…..along with the cookbooks! All in a language I never learned…I think its a mix of Betty Crocker and Edgar Allen Poe………

…………So what have I accomplished so far?……….

You know the old adage:

“Want to make God laugh? Tell him your plans…….”

My mom used to make Paella for my husband, he loved it… with recipe and shopping list in hand, I headed out to the supermarket. I forgot I don’t live in New York anymore, so needless to say my list was met with much tribulation! after an entire morning of trying to first decipher my mom’s notes, then trying to find the ingredients, I was victorious – along with a visit to Wegman’s…..

…….After four hours of cutting, peeling, scraping and measuring……..

My husband informed me that he heard so much laughter coming from Heaven it sounded like thunder… effort was more subterranean than something from the Andalusian coast of Spain! Even the cows wouldn’t eat it……..

So moving forward……I started experimenting with the “Coolers”……

Watermelon, Sweet Tea and my version of the “Side Car”…..

……After four hours of cutting, peeling, scraping and measuring…..

My husband and I were on the deck sipping away……While watching the Heifers lining up by the fence, they seem to rapidly be increasing in numbers and colors….we realized it was probably time to head inside….preferably to the safety of the couch…..and an icepack for our heads…..

….It took us an hour to realize our patio door was a slider…….even the dogs felt it was safer to walk themselves that evening…….

So to say my summer has been an excerpt from Epicurious…would be an exaggeration!

My husband saw me turning to the dessert section of my moms cookbooks and panicked. He claims the kitchen has seen enough peeling and dicing….

…….So now What?……

Well, the Divine Ms. B is making threats if I don’t get myself back in Quilting Mode, which I miss…..We are getting ready to redo several rooms here at Pineridge…..I’m trying to get a handle on this new WordPress upgrade, I knew I should have studied Mandarin as a second language…..and the biggest news of all?

………My husband is now working from home – full time!!……….

Hmmmmmm……..where did I put that recipe for the “Side Car?”

Hopefully August will not be as hot as July was, and my kitchen will come back to life.….The cows should go back to being brown and white…..the sun will set a little sooner…..and before you know it, without any fanfare or intro’s we will be breathing in the Autumn Breezes…….

Summer Hugs,


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  1. Lois,
    I am happy that your are now working too. Isn’t togetherness just grand? Of course working on your writing will not be an acceptable excuse for not stitching. Soooo, what are you waiting for the bus to take you to your sewing haven?

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