“……….. It doesn’t get much better than a crisp autumn day, and yes my favorite color is October……” 

Summer has finally bowed to Mother Nature, relinquishing its hold on sandy towels, ocean scented breezes and flip flops. Balmy nights at county fairs and rides on the Ferris wheel are now a “Remember when” comment…..the wilted flowers whose colors were bleached away by the never ending sun, until they were mere shadows of their original selves.

The Hummingbirds sipping nectar from the “All you can drink bar” set up on the kitchen window.  Clotheslines heavy with whites and pastels, the hall closet filled with sandals lined up like soldiers just waiting for the right venue…

Ah, Summer! One day it’s here and the next just as with the Hummingbirds….gone as if someone gathered them all up and sent them on their way….It seems the crowds have dispersed like mountains of tremendous storm clouds that suddenly become transparent and elusive….the lake seems calmer without its small waves from boats and ripples from children splashing each other…you don’t say good morning a dozen times when walking through the park, and you realize the voices of summer have been replaced with the sounds of birds and trees dancing in the wind….

…….what does this strange and yet so comforting change start with?……..                       

….. October…..

October flies in on a brisk gust of air, sweeping up leaves that have turned from a traditional shade of green into fiery reds and gold, it brings along with it cool days when sweaters take up ownership in the hall closet, rakes replace boogie boards and the deep red of the Cardinals are now vying for your attention.  It’s the time when the year fulfills its promise, and makes its last grand gesture. 

The daytime sky seems clearer and the clouds wispier….as if reaching for them will take all you’ve got….the flocks of geese headed south tip their wings ever so slightly as if to say good bye with the promise to return with the first signs of Spring….

Nothing equals a brisk October night, wit a lingering smell of oak burning in a fireplace…..The moon is huge and a special color, the deepest yellow, if you look close enough you just might see a broom or two go by… and the stars are like bursts of diamonds on these crisp evenings…..Fire pits replace beach chairs, S’mores out number corn on the cob, hot chocolate is sipped instead of downed ales, and apple pie is savored instead of hot dogs and sauerkraut.

October also brings back energy….no more lazy days in a hammock or floating nowhere in the pool, everything is more alive! There’s Baseball, Football, High school rallies, Homecoming and new teachers! A new must read booklist from the New York Times and the sudden glimpse of that sweater you bought in July from LL Bean….And let’s not forget most importantly – Halloween! The only time of year when if you’re new makeup and wardrobe doesn’t look appealing, you can always say you’re trying it out for a Halloween Party….

October is the month to wear the most vibrant of pinks – to bring awareness to Breast Cancer ……join a walk-a-thon or volunteer, every woman needs to be a soldier in this war….wear your pinks proudly.

Hungry anyone? Pizza you say? Well, this is your month! That’s right; October is pizza month, so go visit your favorite hang-out, invite as many friends as you can and Manga!  After the pizza don’t forget the candy corn, twizzlers and any kind of orange covered chocolate……

This is  the time of year when it’s acceptable to sit on the sofa, wrapped in a quilt, with a pillow covering one of your eyes, while watching scary movies….Fact: movie is not as frightening if watched with only one eye….Michael Myers anyone? It’s also the only month where it’s deemed upon as “Cute” to put your pets in costumes, especially if they match your children…..overload : adorable!

Autumn also encourages those of us who have been holding our breath since May -waiting for  our favorite TV shows that have been on hiatus, to finally tell us who got promoted, killed off, abducted by Aliens and who got the raise they wanted!….and of course it’s also the start of the Hallmark Christmas Movie Countdown! What’s better than a chilly October night, hot apple cider,  and the not too far away sound of jingle bells! If you’re not quite ready to part ways with your favorite ale, Oktoberfest is your saving grace. The whole month celebrates all types of Lager, food and yodeling…..

And of course there is the Rising of “Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin…”

What? You don’t believe in the Great Pumpkin? Well, take it from a believer….On any given night in October, when the moon is luminous and so close you could reach out and touch it, and you can hear the rhythm of the wind rustling thru the old oaks and the whispering pines, look to the horizon, you will see it inching up over the ridge! I promise!

Happy October everyone!

I’ll be linking up tomorrow……


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  1. Hey Girlfriend,
    Good reading and thank God you did not do the Christmas count down. So the pooch is dressed for halloween and I think I smell the fire pit!

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