Christmas comes to Pineridge…..

Christmas is almost here………

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Hello Everyone! It’s been awhile since I visited with you, I hope everyone is doing well. Here in Northeastern Pennsylvania it seems Winter has finally found its way up the winding road. Past the open fields and right onto our front porch. And Winter is not alone. Along with it comes a much anticipated event. Yes, Christmas is coming to PineRidge Hills too!

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The weatherman said we should anticipate snow today. So naturally the fireplace is blazing and all three dogs are curled up with noses in the air as the aroma of fresh gingerbread cookies lingers in the air. My warm throw blanket is sitting on the couch waiting for me and my cup of Earl Grey.

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Your must be wondering why three weeks before Christmas, Lois is not knee deep in wrapping paper and twinkling lights? Well, I was granted an extra week to get a jump on Christmas!

My dear sister-in-law, Doris, hosted Thanksgiving this year! so this gave me time to Decorate the house and get the tree up! Now I just need to wrap the presents and stash them under the tree. I hope Santa enjoys all the hard work!

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This year I decided against the “Run on HomeGoods”. Trying to fill every nook and cranny of the jeep with Christmas decorations. And the snowmen hanging from the roof carrier is not very festive! Instead this year I did my shopping at a very exclusive little place I know quite well. “PineRidge Hills”. My husband is still laughing at the thought of me not rushing off to shop at Peddlers Village. No dear husband, this year I will repurpose! So I ventured into the attic. Two hours later I had every box down that had the word Christmas written on it. And frankly I was overwhelmed! How did I accumulate all this stuff?

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My advise to all of you is this. Before you go hog wild at the mall, shop your attic, basement and even the garage! what you have accumulated over the years will amaze you. But more importantly the fond memories in those boxes will keep you smiling all day!

Here’s a peek inside…….

The rocker by the tree is the home for a few of my favorites….yes, I love pillows! The table in the breakfast room has made way for one of my favorite Santa’s, a gift from my friend Dot.



The countertops and the windowsill are perfect places to display my Vintage Christmas pieces. Some of my cookie molds are over thirty years old, why hide them away in a draw? and the two Santa’s on my windowsill are from when I was born, more than, well, lets just sat they’re old! The end of my counter has a small lamp on it so I dressed it up with some of my favorite Christmas cards that I have received over the years. I save them and use to decorate around the house in little nooks and cranny’s.

I also love the view from my kitchen…some friends came by to say hello….


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The hutch is my most favorite piece that my husband has made for me…I change it out for every holiday and season. Its the focal point of the breakfast room. We also started placing our nine foot tree there so we can see it all the time.







The center hall where the large tree went now greets guests with a wintery scene. Our favorite birds who visit the feeder are Cardinals. So I thought I would go with a woodsy, red theme this year. The large box holds small bags that on Christmas Eve will be filled with treats for my guests when they leave.
I bought the boxes last year after Christmas and stored them in the attic!
Completely forgot about them…The birdhouse is old and all I added to it was a little nest I had in my craft box. The small wreaths are used all throughout the year for one thing or another.
And Santa was a gift from my grandson was he was just a little boy.






I even found a small tree for the den….when we watch TV we have this little tree glowing and no need to keep the lamps on. The mantle in the family room went white this year. It was a perfect display under the picture of “Christmas Tree Farm” by Dan Campanelli…a housewarming gift from my dear friends Kim & tom. It meant so much to us that they found this particular one being that our property is part of an old Christmas tree farm!

Being an avid “Santa Collector” Christmas is around all year long! My new sewing room has all of my collection out, so I don’t need to go far for inspiration.  And my dear friend the Divine Ms. B made me a beautiful fabric tree…this also stays out and is always in sight – it is my Inspiration Tree.  Especially when I’m quilting!







I so enjoyed sharing our home with you and hope your shopping and decorating takes you as far as your own attic!

Warm Hugs,


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