The Sunny Side of the Porch…

Do you play on the sunny side of the porch?……..
Happy Summer everyone! I can’t believe my porch days are finally here….neither can my planters, the “Sunny Side” of our deck plays with us until 3:00 pm! Then slowly meanders to the front of the house where it teases the Kousa and the Golden Yews…Because we are sun-drenched most of the day, finding the right plants for my rail planters is always a challenge…..this year I’ve filled them with Petunia’s and Marigold’s. My wagon holds my herbs…..The Basil is doing great as is the Rosemary.  Trying to find French Tarragon but no one seems to have it….

♥  Did you know?…….that Rosemary and Basil will keep mosquitos and flies from your immediate area? I know! I didn’t believe it at first either but it does work! Just place a few plants around your table or your sitting area and enjoy “Al Fresco”!

Now I am looking for some new idea’s so there are a few places I head to….of course Pinterest and some of my favorite sites…one being so come on over and lets get inspired!


A long planter chock-full of flowers and foliage….’Goldilocks’ creeping Jenny, ‘Burlesque’ pigeon berry, Madagascar dragon tree, calibrochoa and coleus.


Fuchsia impatiens stay vivid even in dim settings. The shade-loving flowers create a sweet scene when brimmed with dichondra, a foliage that can trail up to six feet…..I am so loving this!


You know those old galvanized tubs you see at a yard sale and wonder what on earth could you do with that? well, you could paint it hot pink or purple with “High Gloss” Rustolium spray paint, or just leave it weathered and original… and add two flats of annuals and a few pink geraniums…..


My Grandma used to always say “When life hands you lemons – make lemonade” so if that big ol’ oak tree in the middle of the yard has now become The old stump ….remember the rope swing your father made and never quite attached it properly to the tree? well, now you can give it a new purpose…. as a planter….


and I can’t wait to try this! Will be buying the Morning Glory this weekend, already have the tomato cages rusting behind the garage!

Ever wonder “What planting zone am I in”? well here is the USDA PLANT HARDINESS ZONE MAP……

Well I hope I inspired you a bit this morning…now with Earl Grey in hand, I am headed back to my addiction – Pinterest! I found most of these on there… get planting!

Country hugs,

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  1. So excited! I just bought Rosemary for the side porch! I had no idea it kept flies away!

    Happy summer to you!

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