Handmade quilts

Handmade Quilt from the Heart…

quilt collage

A Handmade quilt….. is there anything more comforting? Especially when it comes from a friend……..

Hello everyone!

Well, Spring has absolutely, with out doubt found its way up the mountain…..and this girl could not be happier….although I think the Rain Gods have forgotten to turn off the valves….but at least everything is green!

So much going on here at PineRidge Hills, the “Divine Ms. B” has me knee deep in handmade quilting, which I’m just over the moon about….although my Star Spangled quilt is not perfectly squared – it is still mine…..and as I said I will wear my battle scars with pride! I wanted to share with you a heartfelt lap handmade quilt she made for me and the heartwarming story that goes with it…..

While moving my sewing room downstairs to the retired home office, I came across an old box of crocheted pieces that my mom had done, having so many pieces already, I offered them to Ms. B in hopes she would find a good home for them. She did…..she came up the road to visit the week before Easter and while we were sipping tea, the husbands deep in conversation about wood piles, she handed me a gift box and this was in it…..

quilt 1

I was speechless! which is quite a feat for me……this wonderful friend had taken all the pieces my mom had crocheted and made a lap quilt for me….and now she is teaching me how to quilt – one block at a time! Although my lines are not quite as square as hers, I am hooked! Have you been bitten by the “Quilt Bug”? if yes, please send me photo’s and I’ll share them here…we can have a Handmade Quilting Bee via the internet…

I can’t imagine a more wonderful gift than one that comes from the heart…







PSSSST – The Divine Ms. B has just made a beautiful table runner for her sister, another BFF in our circle, I may have to “Relocate” this ….. Hmmm…..how do I explain how it landed on my table?
dots runner

Country Hugs,

I am linking up all over this week! I am compiling a list of my favorites – here are just a few ….








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  1. What a beautiful gift. I would also love to learn to quilt. It definitely speaks from the heart. Enjoy your future quilting projects.

  2. Wow I love the idea of this quilt. I colle,CT crocheted doilies and what a wonderful way to display them. I want to give this a try. Thanks for sharing. Diane

    • Thank you Diane! I’ve been quilting with the Divine Ms. B this winter, along with other tidbits I’ll be sharing soon….PineRidge Hills is thawing out, and we will be back sharing all the happenings here on the mountain! Please visit us again! will have lots going on!


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