New Creative Room

A New Creative Room…..

boot in basket 2

Would you believe I’ve been sailing thru the Caribbean for the last couple of weeks? How about skiing in Vail? Lunching with Ina in the Hamptons? No? How about clearing out the old office to make my very own “New Creative Room”? well, then you would be right!!!

rose basket 2

basket 3


Finally, everything in one place… more trips up to my oversized closet that was doing double duty as a sewing room…. now, that we really don’t need the “Home Office” any longer, it can be re-purposed!  Although its not quite finished – it is functional – which is fine with me……

I took an old piece that was in the garage housing my husband’s “Stuff” …..and bought it back into the house and it now houses my sewing machine and odd & ends of my sewing dynasty……


I bought two bookshelves so I could display my fabric and know at a glance what I have……there are few additional things I need to do but for now I have an organized space that makes my sewing more enjoyable and lets the creative juices flow easily! LOL!

fabric mound
I’m now on the hunt for a comfortable wing chair and ottoman so when I start my quilt stitching I can do it while glancing out the bay window at all the comings and goings of the PineRidge Hills wildlife residents……

I have on order two lamps and a fabric dress-form…

I organized the machine area, and was able to squeeze the organizer under the desk…..

new sewing space

I believe in “Re-utilization”….yes you can borrow that word anytime! My little Santa box, which was a gift many years ago from my dear friend Kim from New Jersey, now houses my glue sticks…..

box 1box 2

My London Bag which was a find at HomeGoods, offers me a little hiding place for my batting that will eventually get used in the quilts…..


The large hatbox that sits on top of the cabinet holds remnants of fabric – never know when they will come in handy!



And of course my beautiful little fabric tree that the “Divine Ms. B” made for me now sits majestically overlooking a much loved and cozy new/old space…..


So what do you think?   Please offer any suggestions that will make my little room more cozy…….now where did I put the scissors?

Country Hugs,

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  1. Ok, then you really have been busy. Good idea hanging the curtain on the glass front cabinet. Poor honey now needs to work out of cardboard boxes from the state store.

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