Mountain Days….

Well, I think it’s safe to say that Ol’ Man Winter finally woke up and found his way to Pennsylvania, So when he came knocking I simply let him to visit for a spell, and share my mountain day…..I served him a new Earl Grey tea that I received for Christmas from the Divine Ms. B, and as a thank you  he let it rain instead of giving us snow on Sunday… today will be a different story – pour yourself a cup of tea and visit for awhile and I’ll share what I’ve been up to….

But back to my tea……the Divine Ms. B knows my love of Earl grey Tea, so she gave me a gift of a new one…and I love it!… Prince Edward Island Preserve company….this gift set included Earl Grey and Cranberry Maple and a jar of Strawberry & Grand Marnier preserve – great with the scones I made this morning! I just purchased a Tea Infuser, you can get them most anywhere, you fill with the loose tea and steep in your tea cup.  Also Included was a new Earl Grey by, (a Starbuck’s company), with Bergmot’s Lavender Essence……I found it in my local grocer but visit their site for a great Tea experience!

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As I try to find some new menu’s for dinner, it seems to get harder and harder to cook for just the two of us. I always end up making too much and it ends up in the fridge as a lunch down the road or sometimes it just doesn’t make it back to the front of the fridge at all!

So tonight I’m making a quick pasta dish – Fettuccine with Prosciutto, Walnuts, Wild mushrooms & Sage…..its from one of my favorite little cookbooks by John Hadamuscin…in the year 1991!

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I’ll serve it with a crusty loaf of Italian Bread and glass of white wine…maybe we will dine fireside tonight….but that means lugging the firewood in and cleaning out the ashes….maybe a candle on the table! Lol!
I wanted to share the cutest plant I have ever seen and the strangest! Maybe some of you will know about this….My dear friend kim bought this with her Christmas Eve, she put it on the table and said all you have to do is place six ice cubes on the rim of the plant – once a week! WHAT???? Well, folks – its true! and I love it! The name of it is Anthurium….isn’t it beautiful?

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Now, what do you make of this? Is this a flying boat? Nope – read on!
I couldn’t believe this when I saw it! This is a boat anchored in the clearest water I have ever seen. I believe its in the Mediterranean off Greece….imagine swimming in that beautiful water….it would be like floating….

So now you get an idea of how my morning went….maybe not productive in the sense of the word, but a relaxing, uneventful kind of start….of course the laundry is calling my name and the three “Boyz” want to go for a walk in the snow, I think they just like their new coats that Santa bought them for Christmas along with their new leashes…although Duncan is sound a sleep on his bed and Elvis has decided to nap under my feet and Sir Oliver is waiting for his afternoon snack – he is a very smart Westie!

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Country hugs,

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  1. Sounds glorious to relax like you have and so the the tea and scones 😉

    I think I’d take that over the boat ride, but it sure is beautiful!

    Happy New Year, Lois.


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