New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions……

First Monday of the new year and my FIVE New Years Resolutions (Made at midnight on Dec. 31st while drinking champagne and eating a chocolate éclair) are a priority. And knowing that Spring is on its way, eventually, up the mountain!


I’m starting with my First resolution – my new (Yet Again) diet! So far so good…….well, I made it thru breakfast without cheating, although those Danish butter cookies have a “Come Hither” look to them! but I will not cave. There is turkey and chicken in the fridge, fruits and vegetables are overflowing on the countertop and of course my diet coke is sitting by the case-full in the pantry. I’m so fired up I’m even walking again – well, I do have a big house, with stairs so I think I’ll start there. (The weather here in Northeast Pennsylvania has finally given us something to wear our coats about! Christmas Eve I had the sliding doors and windows open – it hit 72 degrees!)


……I’m always excited about life in January, most people look at it as a time to hunker down and let winter just pass us by as if we are in hiding.  not me! I look at it as a time to quietly create and get a jump start on Spring…. In winter I don’t feel guilty if I’m inside, I kind of welcome it.  While sitting by the fireplace I can read all the Jeffrey Archer books the Divine Ms. B has sent up the road, and getting my sewing room transformed from the old home office. This past weekend we dismantled Christmas one Santa at a time! So we are now totally living in a ” JOLLY RED – FREE ZONE” …..

  I promised myself this year will be the one! I’m right there with Oprah… New look, new attitude! For every ten pounds I loose – I promised myself a new handbag and/or shoes…. My closet will be full by June! and a few new decorative pillows – yes my new addiction!


Now my second resolution is to finish all my sewing projects – especially my quilts….and have my “To Do” sewing basket empty……and only allow one project at a time be in it.


My third resolution  is to be a better Blogger…….so please visit our blog often in the coming weeks and months! I promise more stories both funny and eventful…..a few fun projects and book-club lunches! There will be some adventures that we will take and I’ll be sharing my “Cookbook in Progress” that I’m writing…..mishaps and all!


My fourth resolution is to get my Etsy Store up and running. I’ve been selling my handmade goods by word of mouth so now its time to go “Global“…lol! Part of this resolution is to prioritize my time better so I don’t get overwhelmed and throw everything up in the air and head for the Butter Cookies!


And finally, my fifth resolution and probably my most important, I am accepting the age that is on my drivers license…I’ll be sixty-three this year, up until yesterday I thought someone inverted the numbers! Really? you mean I’m not 26? When the heck did that happen? My bucket list is so full its toppling over! need to start moving some of those items to the “Been there – done that” column and this is the year I start. Although I feel as if I’ve lived a whole lifetime already, I experience something new every day.  Something will make me sad or make me laugh out loud.  I learn something new everyday too, which enlightens me! So its time to stop procrastinating and really get out there and live……

I found this great quote and photo on Pinterest…..Need I say more?

                                        “Old Is The new black!”

Now where can I find that pink boa shawl-jacket thingy?

Country Hugs,

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  1. Love it, Lois! Embrace life, my friend 🙂


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