Christmas Spirit…….

Xmas thru glassHello from the mountain… Yes, I’ve been gone for a spell, the fingers have been willing but the mind seems to be leading in so many directions especially when it comes to Christmas Spirit!
My dear friend the “Divine Ms. B” has been asking where my two quilts that I so excitedly started are? Hmmm, well, without trying to find a funny two-liner to offer up I just said “Right where I left them – sitting patiently on top of my sewing machine just waiting to be lovingly put together so their message could put smiles on the faces of those they were intended for. Every day I walk into my sewing room and with determination I get ready to hunker down and not look up until Strata’s and Blocks are holding hands! then the phone rings, or I remember something I had to do and dash off, just for a moment, only to realize a few hours later that I never answered the quilt call! Which is sad cause I love to sew, I actually find it relaxing….ironing too! Crazy, right? no one likes to iron!
But I realized today that blogging, in effect is my ironing! It’s an outlet from my day to day schedule and it gives me a chance to hear from others how well they handle the same trials and tribulations of every day life. And it isn’t always about pretty interiors or the new set of dinnerware I bought or how well I can set the table. It’s about sharing and uplifting and maybe making someone laugh out loud even if only the dogs hear it. As with my Ms. B, she made me laugh today which in turn made me feel like writing…. made me think about all the great folks I have met out there because of my little blog and how they, maybe without realizing it, have made me smile ….maybe even give me a new outlook on things that bog me down sometimes….so today I’m sharing, not just my home in all its older, maybe out dated Christmas finery but from where it hailed from and why it means so much to me….In these times of HomeGoods and Macy’s and online boutique’s a little bit of homemade and hand-me-downs can go a long way…..but first my latest rants and frustrations…..grab your cup of tea and help me try and figure things out…
I’m making a lot of New Years Resolutions – all for me! Cause I’m kinda disappointed with the human-race! Selfishness and “Nasty” seems to be the new “Vogue” for behavior…..
I see a commercial for the ASPCA and I want to go collect all those dogs and bring them home! I can’t fathom that someone would throw a dog out of a car window and think its acceptable? I had a little Junco hit my glass door and knock himself out….I picked him up and put him in a box and brought him inside, figured I’ll bury him if he is a goner…..but the little guy woke up and flew all over the house until finally being coaxed out of the sliding doors I opened and he found his way out to the Birches off the deck! Do you think I’ll earn brownie points with the “CEO” above? Or do you think that little bird made it a point to tell the others not to enter my doors cause the laundry wasn’t done and there was dust on the table!
I went shopping yesterday and after parking my car, tried to help an elderly woman put her groceries into her car….she told me bluntly she didn’t need my help and to get my hands off her “Buggy”…..I was so surprised that for a second I thought she was joking, when she pulled her buggy out of my hands I figured the next move was a wallop from her cane so I walked away….I hope I never treat anyone that way when I’m her age….now that I think about it I’m probably very close to her age! Does being elderly give you the right to be mean?
While at Walmart on Monday, I saw a man maybe in his thirty’s stealing cards! CARDS! I saw the store mgr. and told him – you know what he told me? “Ma’am, I have a huge milk spill that has to be taken care of, before someone falls and sues the store! Card theft is less expensive…..I told him that attitude is what makes this country so great! When did stealing become negotiable? I went back to the card aisle and when I saw the man I told him he should be ashamed of himself, if you can’t afford the cards how do you afford the iPhone 6 on your belt? He laughed in my face and told me where I could go….well, I don’t need his permission to go there I’m sure my name has appeared on that list once or twice all on it own!
Then my granddaughter showed me her Xmas Wish List – prices and all! She then showed me the backup list….Maybe grandparents should do a Wishlist too! A list of all the phone calls owed us for missed Birthdays, Mother & Father Days, Grandparent Day, Anniversaries, etc…..All the cards we didn’t get and all the hugs thought to be not necessary….
I told my husband Montana is looking real good to me right now……then my grandson calls me to see how I feel after a small procedure I had last week….”Grandma are you feeling ok? Maybe you should take a nap!” I laughed so hard – how does he know a nap is what I needed? that made my day….at least one of them……
So tell me something uplifting to reconfirm my belief that on a whole folks are really good, decent human beings…..cause I’m starting to think people are just miserable…..then Ms. B made me laugh, a laugh only she could create….”Lois you sound like a Maxine Card”…..I thought of that hilarious old lady that peers out amongst all those warm-hearted cards, with her sarcasm and wild outfit……and thought wow, put an iron and a quilt in her hands and that’s me!
……and so after a long time of sulking and thinking my house isn’t pretty enough, my camera doesn’t have fifteen letters and numbers in front of the name, my kitchen has antique mixing bowls and some flour siting triumphantly on the granite that has enough little chips in it to rival any Pennsylvania quarry, and the tea cups are old enough to tell more stories than I could fill a book with…..
Here I am………doing what I love…….writing………As for Maxine – I left her in my sewing room …. maybe she can get the quilts done…….

Christmas  at PineRidge Hills is filled this year with….. Stuff…..Meaning – It hasn’t been staged…..This is how It looks before breakfast and after supper……after the nap on the couch and in spite of the dogs thinking the Christmas tree is there for them to hide under…….

Xmas tree full All of the ornaments have a story behind them….and every year I test my grandson who was told, since he could walk, what they were for each one. He is doing well as the next generations “Keeper of the Ornaments”…
Below is Star Santa…my dearest friend gave this to me many, many years ago. When I place it on the tree I think of how close I came to losing her a few years ago and the miracle that came from it. After suffering for a month or so with ringing in her ears she went to an ear specialist. Not finding anything he suggested an MRI just to air on the side of caution. It showed a brain tumor. After a successful surgery, she told the surgeon she was glad the ringing had finally stopped! He told her the ringing had nothing to do with the tumor. There was no explanation for the ringing that had stopped as soon as the tumor was removed. Had she not gone to the specialist due to the ringing she might not be here today….
Xmas santa 5
This one is my painted Santa…While we were building PineRidge, I found this little guy in a country gift shop in my favorite town of New Hope…the young woman who owned the shop and I started chatting and I told her I was celebrating our first Christmas in PA in a rental home while we built. I guess I was a little homesick. She took the Santa and told me to come back in an hour when I did she gave me the Santa as a welcome gift…Its been 13 Christmas’ since she painted this, and always one of the first that goes on the tree!
Xmas santa 4
My collection of Denise Calla Santa’s are my favorites…this one, Santa riding a swan was the one ornament that my granddaughter thought was the funniest Santa she ever saw when she was little…and would ask what happened to Rudolph!
Xmas Santa 2
This Santa has been with us since 1996, when I would travel, in late October, to Dallas for a trade show. I would always try and get a few hours of shopping in for Christmas. One of the showrooms was all Christmas! I was in Heaven. I remember one year trying to hurry so I could catch my plane back to NJ and I looked like a crazy person running with all my packages…My friend Nancy said this ornament is you! I still look like that when I am shopping…
Xmas santa 1
This ornament was a gift to my husband! hmmmmm……I don’t think he ever read it!
xmas list
My grandson also knows the stories behind most of my Santa collection…..This is one of my favorite Willie Raye Santa’s, he stays in the kitchen all year round…my grandchildren asked why he is my favorite – I told them it shows how determined Santa is to make sure that every child gets a gift, even if it means delivering them on a chicken!
Xmas santa 3
These are two of my hand-painted Santa’s….We always tried to attend “Applefest “at Peddlers Village in Lahaska, Pa…and there was an artist that had an exhibition tent…Her Santa’s were just beautiful….
Xmas santas
This was my first Denise Calla Santa….I just love his soft and whimsical face….he is special because my friend Carole gave him to me, she left us ten years ago, but I can still hear her laughter. There are times I find myself laughing out loud when I remember the good times we had together and I believe she is still making me laugh!
Xmas red santa
The horse, below, was the first wooden piece my husband made for me over thirty years ago, and his partner is a beautiful Santa my dear friend Dot gave me a few years back. They are the first to greet all who come into our home for Christmas….
Xmas horse
The pillows on the couch were bought in New Jersey many years ago. They have been prevy to all the gossip and family news over the years – If pillows could talk!
xmas couch
This Christmas Tree is a new addition to PineRidge Hills…the Divine Ms. B made this for me…I just love it! It is another piece that will remain on the mantle all year long. She even went through the trouble to match the colors in the house! And her husband, Ted had to make a Flathead Pin run to Walmart at nine o’clock at night just so she could finish it!
Xmas pin tree
And finally my grandson’s favorite Christmas job is putting the village together, each year we set it up in a different location. This year the nine ft. tree went into the Breakfast room so I could see it from all vantage points. Especially when I am baking. And the houses went into the center hall. He loves placing the houses in different settings and the people in strange places! It is a memory he will always have. Having been raised seven of his eleven years here in our home along with his mom, led him to be a major part of decorating. I remember him at three having an opinion as to where the tree should go and what ornaments should go where! The houses are very old, I started collecting in 1978 and my three girls would pick one out each year…my youngest grandson, Anthony always asks me if I want to live there and I always tell him if you look hard enough you will see me there! He swears the Caroler is me!
Xmas village
So now you know what I’ve been up to! Today I plan to bake and finish wrapping, complete the wall art I started and check in on Maxine…..wonder how much of the quilt she got done????

Xmas dining

County Hugs,

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  1. Well, Hello Lois,
    After a too long hiatus she is back with real flare . Yes, I was laughing too.
    Thank you for sharing the history of your collection. I do hope that Santa bring you something special maybe big and shiny.

  2. WELCOME BACK MOM!!! You have been missed!! Great blog and I love all your stories of your collections. Your spirit of Christmas is what I love the most and how you never ever let us forget what Christmas is all about especially Justin. He loves Christmas just like his Grandma and everything about it. Love ya xoxo

  3. I so enjoyed your post. Loved your photo’s and stories. The new Christmas that was handmade is beautiful. I have never seen one like it, and I am in love with it. You have some wonderful Christmas theme items. Reading your blog post was enjoyable. You have a great sense of humor. Merry Christmas.

  4. Merry Christmas! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  5. Lous, I think your Christmas decorations are beautiful and the meaning behind them even more so.

    As for those jerks you ran into I would have sweetly said “Merry Christmas, grumpy” and walked away.

    Darlin’, don’t let the mean people or the beautiful pictures in Blogland get you down. Everyone has their bad days and for those with the pretty houses… life isn’t any better for them. They just make you believe it is. As for your granddaughter… she’s young and at that age they’re all that way. She’ll figure it out 😉

    Happy New Year to you, my friend.


  6. Lois…. Apparently I type too fast LOL


    • Oh, thank you rue!! Your so down to earth I love it! I hope you had a wonderful holiday, and are looking forward to a great year ahead….and yes my blogging is going to change a bit…..hopefully for the better! please come on back anytime!


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