The Old Bench….


What is it about The Old Bench that makes you want to sit and ponder?


I always imagine where they started out and where they end up.  The people who sat there contemplating their lives…..the conversations that were heard….maybe even confessions…….Somehow you always can see things clearly once you stop and sit, its as if you took a “Time Out” from life for just a moment and yet be able to watch everyone else march past you never even realizing your there. Its somehow empowering…..Some of my best decisions were made sitting on a bench, My husband proposed to me while sitting on a bench at Prospect Park in Brooklyn…….The same bench where we carved our initials four years earlier, the same bench where I would sit with my daughters and eat lunch while they played by the rock wall on the edge of the lake…..I wonder if its still there?


Why do I bring up benches? well, my husband got me one many, many  years ago….don’t remember from where……and its been sitting under our Birches since we built the house…..


…………..But a strange thing happened this morning……


My husband left for work and as always I peer out thru the glass paned doors and try to see if any wildlife have come to visit, or just to watch the Sun slowly come up over the ridge in the direction of the lake.  You can barely make out anything because its that brief moment between darkness and light.  When if you did see something you would have to really stare  through the shadows to make out what it is.  Usually its a large buck or a doe and her baby…..maybe even Bradford the Bear…..but this morning was different…..

I noticed, what seemed to me, a figure sitting on the old bench under the Birches…thought it was my husband! But why would he be sitting there? Then I turned towards the front of the house only to  hear his car roll over the gravel and pull out of the driveway. For the first time in my life that little voice I always hear, you know the one that your mother always told you to listen to? The one that always tells you to be brave and face whatever frightens you? Well, my voice Screamed DO NOT  look back at the old bench……So I closed the drapes as fast as my hands could pull….then I sat down at the kitchen table and thought….


I mean why would someone be sitting on an old bench on a cold morning in the dark? On an old Christmas Tree farm? Knowing how well I can handle a gun, you would have to be crazy to pull a stunt like that! So do I throw open the drapes and stand there brazenly? Do I dare open the doors and march out onto the deck and declare my intentions to shoot first and ask questions later? Absolutely!……as soon as the sun comes up……..and I’ve had three cups of tea……and the dogs have assured me that there is nothing out there… I sit and wait……..Here comes the Sun……(A song from the sixties)……and just as the first ray hits the tops of the trees…..


Drapes go soaring on the rod, doors fly open and there goes Lois Lane running out onto the deck, as if superman were behind her, cape flowing in the wind, and three munchkin dogs barking at the leaves falling…..

I can barely make out the bench……….it’s  empty…….

As I bribe the dogs back into the house with cookies, I sigh as if I just had a revelation….maybe I did….I faced my fear and won! Now I can move on to all the projects I am determined to start today……Victory is mine!

Who needs superman?

This Lois Lane being an intelligent, brave, in – your – face, riffle toting country girl, with a don’t mess with me attitude, stood her ground with a vivid imagination and triumphed…..

…..until I took a good look beyond the deck railing and starred at the Old Bench… was now turned towards the house… its always facing the woods – so you can see what’s coming…..Al always said  never turn your back on the trees – you don’t want to be surprised at what’s behind you….

probably just my eyes trying to peer through the fog ….. right?

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  1. What a great story! I love a bench too. You have a beautiful property. An imagination could inspire all kinds of stories sitting on your wonderful bench. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your day.

    Autumn blessings,

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