Craft Room Ideas….

……..This is my Dream Room……How do I get it?…………

So what do you do with a home office that is slowly metamorphosing into a craft/sewing room? If your like me you jump for joy while doing cartwheels down the hallway…..ok so maybe rethink the cartwheels, but since I retired a home office really isn’t a necessity any longer but a sewing room is! So I’ve been surfing Craft Room Idea’s all over the net and of course Pinterest…..I thought I would share some great finds with you….

Fabric yardage is easy to get at when you keep it in a magazine rack…..


Wrap embroidery floss around a clothespin to keep it from getting tangled……


Turn a shipping pallet into a charming and space saving desk…..


Turn a pin cushion into a pin sharpener with a bit of steel wool……


Paper towel holders can easily become ribbon and ric rac holders……


An insanely easy trick to turn a slotted tupperware bin into a ribbon organizer……and my favorite!


My dilemma is that unlike many sewing rooms that are either downstairs in a basement or in a room in another part of the home – mine is right off the center hall. So you view it as soon as you walk in the front door.  Keeping it neat is a must. And there isn’t  much wall space, there is a bay window on one wall and double glass entry doors on the other. The longest wall has a build in bookcase, and the back wall has a glass door into the kitchen. So I need to be creative with the space I have. Here are a few shots of the 13 x 13 foot room….

Coming in from the center hall….

office 3

The window wall….Here I am going to look for a white credenza, something with a lot of storage, but I would also like a chair to the side of it for when I want to just sit and hand stitch or quilt…

office 2 arrows

The bookcase wall….this pretty much takes up the entire wall so I’m limited to what I can do here….except look at it cause I do love it!

office 1

And what I call “Ground Zero”……where you see the arrows – small wall, I have a 55″ tall oak cabinet that I purchased feet for. I am going to paint it white (My husband cringes at the idea of painting Oak)and store my machine on the bottom and use the five shelves above it for storage. The arrow wall, I am going to find some old drawers, drill holes for dowels on the sides and hang my ribbons for easy access.

office 5

This is this week’s project, I want to at least have the pieces to refinish, so my first line of defense is to hit the used furniture shop here in town, they have two floors of really nice conditioned pre-loved pieces.  If nothing catches my eye, I’m headed to Lowe’s…..I can always make a storage piece – oh, all right, my husband can make it…..hmmmmmm… do I get him to do that ASAP? I am very good as getting someone to help me “Whitewash a fence”…….so I better get the Apple Pie in the oven fast!

Please share any idea’s you might have to offer……..


Country Hugs,


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  1. Hey Lois,
    I like the idea using the drain pan for a ribbon holder, a couple of those in cubby cubes would hold a lot of supply.
    Poor hubby!

    • Yes I agree….so many clever folks out there! Now I need a plan to work on getting my version of that “To Die For” craft room!


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