The kitchen at PineRidge Hills…

blog spoons Thank you for joining me on our “Anniversary Tour” …. Some of my favorite entries are those that come from The Kitchen at PineRidge Hills! It’s been two years since that first publish button was hit.  I’ve received so many emails from folks across the country sharing their recipes with me. Many have become tried and true in my kitchen… all of you – Thank You!
today I wanted to revisit some of my favorites…..are you hungry? Grab a cup of Earl Grey and a scone and lets head for the kitchen…….

Potato Latkes anyone?….I can eat a dozen of these!


Homemade Beef Stew….this will be on the menu soon, as autumn comes up the mountain….

beef 2

Rustic apple Pie…..this is on the weekend’s menu….

pie 002

My version of Strawberry ShortCake….I made these mini’s for the grandkids on Valentine’s day….

cake 1

My favorite muffin in the whole world – Blueberry!

muffins 5

Chocolate Cheesecake! This is from one of my old “Spirit of Christmas” books….I make it every year – but you need to refrain from eating anything for two days prior to devouring this cake! 🙂

Dark Chocolate espresso Tart

tart blog 1

Homemade Chicken soup……sigh…..soon very, very soon!


My little hearts for the “Love of my life”…..


Madeleine’s…the most delicate cookie in the world – You have to make these by the dozen!

madalaines 2

Caramelized Onion and Apple Tarts with Gruyere and Thyme….great for a Brunch…..

carmelized apple and gruyre tart

Crab & Gruyere Quiche – delish!


cake 4

My favorite Crab Cakes & Clam chowder & Corn Salsa…..from one of our most “Liked” Book Club Brunches…..




Thank you joining me on this journey through our Kitchen memories at PineRidge….hope I’ve tapped into your Betty Crocker alto-ego! I can smell the delicious Madeleine’s coming out of your oven!
Please join me tomorrow when we see the creative side of PineRidge hills!

country hugs,

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