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Thank you for coming back to help celebrate our second anniversary.Today we are going to look back at “The Creative Side” of PineRidge Hills….we’ve seen so many talented crafters out there in Blogland, and they have inspired me so much.  Here are a few things we came up with…..

This was the best Christmas gift I ever received from my husband…..I had mentioned once that I would love to use the old pine desk as the base to a hutch for the Breakfast Room….sigh…one day…..well low and behold there it was one morning in November when I came down to start breakfast…..he even redid the little bench underneath…..then I refinished my wooden planter…..

hutch 1hutch 5 blog


drape 4

He then went on to making my breakfast table, and family room tables…..We purchased the chairs and refinished them…..
drape 7


Then we re-painted the entire house……and decided to take some of the furniture we had and red it….a few buys on the internet turned my tables in the center hall into completely different pieces….I am addicted to refinishing furniture!


We redid the table in the center hall, and I found beautiful brass handles online…..


I shared how you can take a framed picture and within a few minutes change the look completely. Here I took apart a Dan Campanelli picture that I had framed a few years back, and redid it to match our colors now. I painted the mat and the frame – Brand new old!


farm 2

I then shared how to gold leaf…here….usig my two clocks that I had for a very long time but never liked the finish…..


gold leaf header

The house received a fresh new coat of paint… the “Love of my Life”, and his trusty scaffolding did a fabulous job!
2014-04-22 13.55.14

2014-04-22 13.55.37


We put the house back together and started to really enjoy our home….


2014-06-20 08.32.03

I also shared a new craft that I am totally addicted to! DIY – “Designer Plates”…I started doing this when I couldn’t find small plates to go with my Black & White tablescape for my book Club Brunch….so I found a tutorial online and now I make plates all the time…here is how…

center 8

set of four

Thank you for stopping by…..lots more to share for our Anniversary Week….come on over tomorrow while I share Tablescapes that I loved doing!

Country hugs,

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