Never Forget……

Never forget our Fallen Heroes who, fourteen years ago today, went to war without ever knowing why….. my daughter survived and together we managed to find our way home that day…many did not…. I watched and felt the tremendous force with which the towers fell, not knowing if my daughter was safe. Two hours later, there she was at my office door….hurt but alive! Twelve hours later we made it back to New Jersey….the people I commuted with that morning, friends from my own town, did not come home with me that night. As we slowly pulled into each station, we saw all the cars that would not be driven home. 

No one spoke, most just cried silently, and complete strangers held each other. It was the worst and yet the best day in my life. Worst because it was so surreal what had happened to us, a day that lives with me on a daily basis. It has become part of my makeup. Best because I saw real heroes, the firemen and policemen who were running into the towers as others were running out.  Thousands of people, from all walks of life, who also became heroes that day, unsung heroes.   On 9/11 there was no sense of color or religion in New York City, no concern over accents or where home was. Just people helping each other. total strangers went home with one another, food and water was shared with no concerns. Men held babies, women wiped the faces of those covered in dust with their sleeves.  no judgment, no animosity, no selfishness, no attitude. Pictures of loved ones were passed through the crowds hoping someone would know where they were…..whatever money we had was shared. We made bandages for those bleeding and held the hands of the elderly. I know why I hug my husband a little bit tighter when I say good-bye, or when I see my grandchildren, I do it for those who will never get that hug again.

On that terrible day fourteen years ago, 15,000 people, including myself, standing on the waterfront stood as one…………I was never more saddened or prouder to be an American…..and I will never forget…….


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  1. Beautiful mom!! I love you and so glad in a survivor xo

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