Happy Anniversary PineRidge Hills

Shohola Falls, Pa Happy Anniversary PineRidge Hills….Anniversaries carry such emphasis on our lives, they mark important times and events. And this anniversary is not disappointing! Yup, PineRidge Hills Blog started two years ago! I can’t believe it! I want to thank all of you for joining me on this exciting adventure…I’ve met such wonderful people across the country….and for so many who have visited us on FaceBook and have become “Family“…..Thank you for an amazing story. I hope I have bought some laughter to your day, a few new recipes to your table, maybe a reason to take a road-trip and visit my beautiful state of Pennsylvania, or perhaps just another reason to linger over that hot cup of tea…..If I gave you nothing more than a smile, that alone made my DAY! I hope you will continue to stop by every now and then and share our everyday lives, and come to understand how I went from “New York City Corporate to the love of an old Christmas tree Farm…..”
….I thought we might take a walk down Memory Lane this week…..and share some wonderful memories…..Remember these guys? Our three little Fur-Babies….PineRidge Hills Mascots!
the boyz elvis
Pennsylvania is such a beautiful state. It encompasses so many lifestyles and traditions, and it’s beauty is awe inspiring. I can’t imagine living anywhere else. From our covered Bridges to Lakes and Rivers, our rich history and life changing events, our folklore and gifted artisans, Pennsylvania is a place to fall in love with….
Beltzville Lake, pa
jim thorpe in autumn
I’ve shared our huge renovation, winters for the history books, The “Love of my life’s” infinite wisdom, some silliness, traditional holidays and book club luncheons! and of course my dear friend, The Divine Ms. B! who has her own following now!
So please join me each day this week as I reminisce the last two years with you…..

Thank you, dear friends for making me smile………….

Country hugs,

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