A little boy became a man……


“……..On Saturday the 26th of September , a little boy walked his mom down a grassy aisle……when asked who gives this woman in matrimony …….a little boy became a man and joined her hand with his new dad’s and said “I do”…….now two families became one….”


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…My daughter Tammy, was married this past Saturday in the middle of a beautiful green grass field….surrounded by family and friends…….

As a mother I cried tears of happiness because she so deserves it.  As a wife I held my husbands hand tighter than normal because he deserved to see his daughter happy – again.  As a mother-in-law I could not be more proud of this wonderful man we can now call son.

As a grandmother I cried different tears.  My daughters first marriage came to a devastating end when Justin was only ten days old.  My daughter made the life-changing decision to come to Pennsylvania and live with us in order to start a new life…..for seven years it was her and Justin challenging what life threw at them…..then along came “Joey“…..for them falling in love was easy…..as I watched Tammy move forward and become stronger, I saw a new woman coming to the surface while a little boy slowly had to give over his mom to another man. But this wonderful man, loved Justin as he did his own sons and my little grandson had finally found his way….

He was so mature as he walked his mom down to Joey’s waiting hand….could he really only be eleven? He took her hand and placed it on top of Joey’s and kissed his mom and took his place between his new brothers….and looked as if he had always been there…..

Between my tears my husband whispered…..”I hope she always looks as happy as she does today…….”

………..I smiled but for a different reason…….I was wishing that for Justin…….

Mother Nature came to the wedding, she brought along some clouds, a few rays of sunshine, a warm breeze and as promised she sent the early morning fog home…..

So the tent went up!
DSC01475 - Copy

the tables were set!

The sign was hung!

And the whole gang was there!

And all the men in her life, new and old, got to dance with the Bride……




Then came the pictures…..




Here’s to Love & Happiness……..

Country Hugs,

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  1. Omg I’m crying again!!!! That was beautiful mom!!!! I love you and dad so much!!! Thank you for everything!!!! Xoxo

  2. Wow. Beautiful words. Lots of love coming from us to you all and happy we could celebrate the 2 families becoming one! Everything was perfect about this day. So happy for them both.
    XoXo – Jess & Samon

    • Thank you Jess…..and your photography I hear is awesome! we so loved that you came in from Ohio for the wedding…….love to all…..


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