Autumn Leaves…

Yes I know….it’s still August….but I so want Autumn leaves rustling under my feet and the aroma of hickory burning in the fireplace, a colorful autumn wreath hanging on the front door, a pot of Beef Stew simmering on the stove with smashed potatoes and applesauce sitting patiently on the sideboard and Pumpkin pie lathered in freshly made whip cream with a hint of vanilla and Brandy…..Oh, I just realized it’s 83 degrees outside and I am headed down to the lake to cool off….well, its only a matter of time so we might as well start gearing up for Autumn even though summer is in full swing here on the mountain!  The Divine Ms. B stopped by this morning and looked at me as if I were, well, pushing the calendar a bit too hard! As I opened the front door she just pointed and I said “Yup, a Fall Wreath is hanging on its hook!” She shook her head and sighed…..

…….So, where do you start your decorating?

………….For me,  the Front porch is always my starting point – let’s get “Creatively Motivated!”

I so love this whimsical trio of stands! This would be a great project for the kids to get started on….
Now this is “Autumn Decorating” at its best….I would love to come home to this every day…
This little wagon is too cute…..
Fall-Outdoor-Decorating-2012-ideas-7 This is classic……are you feeling the “Fall Air” yet?….No?…let’s keep going until you do!
Fall-Outdoor-Decorating-2012-ideas-8 I think the Lantern has become a staple in everyone’s decorating scheme….I just love them, these are just beautiful…..
fall-lanterns-for-outdoor-and-indoor-decor-16 fall-lanterns-for-outdoor-and-indoor-decor-10 The following lantern is an easy “Redo”…..look for these holiday decals at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby….or you can make them yourself…
fall-lanterns-for-outdoor-and-indoor-decor-6 I think is one of my favorites and I just saw these white lanterns at a local shop so guess where I’m headed this weekend?
If this doesn’t scream Autumn nothing does…..
I have these planters on my front porch – and now I know what I will fill them with!
And at the end of the day, I think I’ll take a bowl of my stew, a piece of that delicious pumpkin pie, a cup of hot  Maple Tea and sit at the table…  waiting for Autumn to slowly come up the mountain…

Happy “Pre-Fall!”

Country Hugs,

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  1. Beautiful❤️fall is my favorite. Love love fall.

  2. I’m suddenly feeling ready for fall! 🙂 So pretty!

  3. I’m in Florida where we don’t get fall, and I’ve already started to decorate, lol. I have a faux fireplace with my mercury glass pumpkins and lanterns with fall flowers all over the mantel :D. If i keep the air conditioning cool enough and pull the curtains, I can pretend I’m in New England in autumn. Aaaah, a girl can dream.

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