Where’s Lois?


The “Divine Ms. B”…..(My BFF from down the road) keeps me on my blogging toes, well, usually…..she is like a personal trainer for Blogland. I’ll get a phone call or an email asking “Where’s Lois?” “No Blogging today?” “Stop slacking!”….etc..etc…
But the last two weeks she was on vacation so I kinda slept in….now she is back and so I need to find my groove again! But this time I was ahead of her.  This is what I emailed her this morning:

“…..FYI….no blogging today….thought I’d keep you abreast of any situations here on the mountain…..!”


Good question Ms. B….simply I don’t think I have anything to write about…….let’s see….I haven’t revamped any of the bedrooms, there are no Wellingtons baking in the oven, I haven’t shoed my own horses or sheared the Alpacas’ out back in order to weave my own Tie-dyed Sherpa blankets that I will use to keep warm when I run the next Iditarod in Alaska…..I put off fixing the John Deere until the County Fair is over and no, Gabby my prized pig, has not been entered for the Blue Ribbon.
There aren’t any new Moss, Acorn or Twig wreaths on my front door, as a matter of fact there is nothing hanging on the front door except for a large spider web….which by the way I can not take credit for.
window sill
I didn’t plant a huge vegetable garden, so I can’t brag about the 86 pounds of Eggplant I peeled, cut,  fried and put in the walk-in freezer I have – not. Nor do I have Lavender and Baby’s Breath drying from the rafters in the Barn. Hell, I don’t even have a Barn!
I don’t have 109 Ball Jars waiting to be filled with apple sauce or pickled beets.  And for the record, the corn growing, all 6 stalks, are not as high as an elephants eye! The Blue Jays and the Crows thanked me for the 5 tomato plants I put in the ground and the Deer preferred the pink Tulips over the yellow…..
I guess I could talk about the awful heat we are experiencing, but that would mean I actually came out of the house to experience it – not.

I could tell you about the hardwood floors I sanded and hand painted a map of the Appalachians’ on to and the old antique cabinets I stripped and redid with Chalk Paint from Annie Sloan….but my cabinets are Cherry and fairy new. So are the floors….. Wait! The garage and the entire house got power-washed….but the “Love of my life” did it – alone….although I supervised from behind the sliding doors, in the AC…

Maybe now I should bring up the long walks along the lake and the lazy picnics we had in our rowboat while listening to the lake lap against the old wooden sides……but we don’t have a rowboat and due to the power-washing he was in no condition to walk anywhere.
Should I describe the cool evenings sitting by the campfire, laughing over S’mores? Actually we lost power and had to make coffee on the BBQ….and I hate S’mores…..
So you see, dear, dear friend there will be no blog today, and tomorrow is not looking too promising either.  Perhaps we can shoot for Wednesday….I will have by then, planted the corn fields, and baked three different apple Pies, painted the garage to go with the red barn I’ll build during the night, while weaving a sweater from the dog’s hair I swept up and tie-dyed in Autumn Neutrals, and hung to dry on the John Deere that I just threw a new motor into all while teaching myself to speak French and disputing several of Julia Child’s recipes!

So please enjoy this wet, dreary, muggy Monday, with no promises of cooler Canadian air in the forecast…..

….But Ms. B there is always tomorrow………..


I remain yours with Country hugs,


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  1. Well, I guess you truly believe you were busy. I get it though, let me think what is that line”When the mouse is away……… You need to get out of the pool, put away the Mai Tai and the book and get to work. There are people out there who want to read up on the events and details of the mountain. We are waiting!!!!

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