Postcards from Paris…

024Postcards from Paris……While looking for an envelope this morning I found an old leatherbound photo – book that was tucked away in the bottom of the cabinet.  When I reached for it, realizing it wasn’t the package of envelopes I was hastily looking for, I pushed it to the side knowing for sure my envelopes must be hidden behind the books….they were……after addressing the few that I needed and stamping them and running up the road to the mailbox….which I made just in time as the mailman came slowly up the hill.  He stopped and chatted, collected the mail and handed me two envelopes from Publishers Clearing House demanding that I open immediately to see how to claim my prize……the burn basket is getting full… I came back into the house I suddenly remembered the photo-book in the cabinet.  Where did the books  come from? Need to investigate……
And so I did! After sitting on the floor, for nearly two hours, tears rolling down my face…

I decided to use my find in a table setting….

hence my being late to post…..

The books were given to me by my mother after my dad passed away…..she was cleaning out the closet and gave me a box of things my dad saved…..I asked what was in the boxes – she had no clue and was not in the frame of mind to go through it….so I dutifully took the boxes and packed them into the cabinet….over the last two years they kind of got pushed further and further to the back and out of sight…..

until today….

The books are filled with postcards…1905 – 1906….. from my Great-grandfather to my Great-grandmother while he was still in Europe – Paris, England and Scotland….Beautiful cards with lovely words written on them.  The funny part is that they were my mothers Grand-parents! my father lovingly preserved them for her all those years so she would have them to pass down….without knowing it my mom had already finished his task at hand……
017 So today, I got out my grandmothers Rose Chintz dishes, her Chrystal goblets along with several of the postcards that were passed down from her parents, along with a French print a dear friend just gave me…..The pink depression footed glasses are from my fathers mother…..
I imagined my Great-grandfather, sitting in a small French bistro in Paris and writing to someone so far away……knowing she would not read it for weeks to come…..wishing he could be  with her…..
022  These dishes are my most prized possession….because I remember them from when I was a little girl……and now I have written words….to go with my dishes….. and more reasons to smile now than when I woke up this morning…..

Thanks Dad!

Country Hugs,

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  1. What a lovely post and what a treasure!

  2. What treasures! This is a lovely table, such pretty china and vintage silver. Just love this.

  3. Jennifer says

    What a beautiful table setting! The black really sets everything off. Thanks for sharing your heart warming story of your inspiration pieces! Very special!

    • Thank you Jennifer……these plates are my all time favorite! and I use them all the time, I don’t just let them sit on a shelf, my Grandmother would never have approved of that! Lol!

      Thanks for stopping by…….

  4. What an utterly lovely post! Oh, my gosh! There’s so much to say and think about! First of all, is that a fresh hydrangea on your table??? It is huge! So, so beautiful, and the perfect shade of pink to go with your dishes. I own a few of the Rose Chintz dishes myself, so I couldn’t be more delighted to see how you displayed them. I inherited my father’s love letters to my mother, and they are one of my prized possessions. It provides a connection to our ancestors, and it reassures that love lasts and transcends. Finally, your damask tablecloth is lovely. What a great post!

    • thank you Maria….I love them too! and thank you for your kind words……this is one of my favorite posts, and my favorite dishes……have a wonderful 4th of July!


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