Bookshelves and Books….

I have a secret….come closer….here it is……I am addicted to Books and the Bookshelves that hold them! Books of any kind, whether it be travel, mysteries, cooking, gardening, decorating……sigh…..yup! I’m addicted! And as any book enthusiast will tell you, they have to have a special place – hence bookshelves. Next, is where I would love to do my reading…hence the above picture! Can you imagine just swinging with a warm breeze sweeping across your face, a cool lemonade within reach and of course, not a sound except the birds in the tree above…sigh…ok I just gave myself the proverbial slap in the face back to my bookshelves……
When we built PineRidge Hills eleven years ago, I told the “Love of my life” – two rooms – that’s all I need. The kitchen and the office/library/idea room.  He laughed and then said fine… whatever you want in those rooms.  And I did! But lately the office is feeling well, for lack of a better word – stale! My built-in bookshelves have held everything imaginable.  But now I’ve downsized and display only the things that I will never tire of, my Santa collection and my books!
This past weekend I polished all the granite in the kitchen and de-cluttered the countertops. Took my most used cookbooks and rearranged them in another part of the kitchen and placed the occasional cookbooks in the office.
Luckily my office is right off the kitchen.  I’ve given the Divine Ms. B (one of my BFF’s) several books to find homes for.  She is also a book lover and always finds just the right house to send the books to.  So now I need to do some “Tweaking”……
this is how it looked a year ago…..
023 And then….
030 Big difference! I’ve added a print that I found and loved…and hung up my grandmothers crocheted rings – I also have them in all my front windows.
picture office
ring 1
ring 2
The large Bay window is drenched in sunlight all afternoon so several of my plants love hanging out there!  My husband offered to install a TV for me but I said no, I like the quietness the room offers.
My plan now is to add a desk and a comfortable reading chair. I have an oak cabinet in the closet being used as a storage piece but now its going to be painted and I’m putting small legs on it and it will house my sewing machine and sewing essentials. I’m going to try my hand at etching the glass door. Now the office will really become the “Idea Room”….
So, what is sitting on my shelves? I’ll give you a shelf tour!
One section holds all my Martha Stewart books….Most of them are first editions. I always try to find first editions as they are more valuable.
Then my collection of Christmas! I have the entire collection of the “Spirit of Christmas”…I was so upset when the series ended after twenty years. I’ve added over the years other books to my Christmas shelf.
shef 2
Then of course there are the decorating books that I find myself diving into and add to my mental “Wish List”…..
books 3
books 5
And of course the shelf that every other type of book falls on!
books 4
I’ve envisioned how I would love the office and the shelves to look…
white shelves

So you see I have a dilemma….Do I purge even more shelves or just rearrange – again! I feel a road trip to Ms. B’s house is in my future…If I just leave a stack of books with a ribbon on them on her front porch do you think she’ll know its me?

Send me your idea’s…….several heads are always better than one!

Country Hugs,

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  1. I’m a big bookworm myself too! I’m also a big believer that bookshelves should hold lots of books, and not just pretty knick knacks (as much as I love pretty knick knacks!). Good work decorating!

    • Thank you Lauren! As my books increase the Santa’s have to find a home somewhere else! LOL! thanks so much for visiting…..stop by anytime!


  2. Now Lois,
    You know all you need is a comfortable recliner, a floor lamp and a warm and cozy afghan in the corner of that room and you will be set. Don’t forget something to catch the book when it falls from your hands. Sweet dreams

  3. So many beautiful pieces! Everything looks great!

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