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Screen-shot-2011-05-23-at-7_09_04-AMMemorial Day Ideas… could the holiday almost be  here?….I need to get busy…… I’ve been so involved with my little Yorkie “Elvis” and trying to get him over his allergies that it has literally taken up my days! He started two weeks ago, after his third visit to vet we finally got him started on prednisone and hopefully this will do the trick. So my poor little baby has been under the weather and wanting to be held all day…..Now that Daddy’s home, I can get some Mommy time! But first I have to let go of him…
photo And now to start thinking of how to entertain on the first “Official” weekend of the summer…Memorial Day! Country Style… We will be having some friends and family over for a BBQ and then fireworks at dusk…..Here are some idea’s I have come across – what do you think? This first photo is my favorite, Yvonne’s table settings are to die for!…from the Stone Gable Blog……
Nautical Table Decor (17)
memorial day decorations 2 double pic
Let’s Eat!….And of course you know me, I always start with Dessert…….
FNM_Biden_DC 153878.tif
Angel Food Cake For a sweet change, try this with all the fresh fruit, whipped cream and Grand Marnier! recipe here
Summertime Hot Dogs with Dr Pepper Barbecue Sauce…
A can of soda adds sweetness to the homemade sauce in this recipe. Use this delightful sauce to top grilled hot dogs or most any grilled meat. recipe here
Deluxe Lobster and Potato Chip Rollsrecipe here
Mini Beef & Pork Sliders w/Brioche Buns…recipe here..
memday11 …There is nothing quite like living in the country….especially during the summer….warm breezes with the smell of grass and a faint sweetness from the wild roses growing over the old fence. Winding roads that lead to places not yet discovered. Holidays are always better spent under an old Oak…..So pack up the picnic basket, gather the kids and find a country road, any road will do, especially one with old fences and horses galloping through the field….. Discover just how wonderful a day in the country can be….I am lucky enough to live here all the time and wake up to this everyday….

Country Hugs,

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  1. Poor Elvis.. I hope he’s doing better.

    Beautiful pictures, especially the ones of your view 😉

    • Thank you….I’m so lucky that I get to see this every day…Elvis is doing wonderful!! thank goodness the pill form is working so much better than the injection did….he is back t his old self – ruling the entire house!


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