Chandelier Keepsake

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Have you ever looked at something in your home and thought…Time to replace! Every time I walk into the dining room and look at the brass chandelier those words come to mind….My husband was so tired of hearing me complain about how its a bit tarnished, has seen better days, its so old…etc…etc…that last week he took it down! I came home to find him packing it up.  I was shocked! He turned and smiled and said “OK….now go buy a new one”! So, do we go glam this time? crystals? Beads? Wood?
I was so excited……I immediately went online to peruse all those wonderful Chandy’s with crystals and linen shades, oh! how about this one? I would call my husband over and he would just smile and say….yes that looks great…….but every now and then I would look down at the old chandy siting in the box awaiting its fate in the garage.
Then, the “Love of my life”; the no-nonsense, straight-shooter, decision maker took a different road that day……
How long do we have this chandelier? He knew all too well how long! He bought it for me when we closed on our first home.  I couldn’t believe it! After we closed on the house we were so excited.  We went right over to our new home, ran up the front porch and threw open the door.  And there in what would be my dining room – some day, was my brass Williamsburg chandelier.  I had seen it at Ethan Allan for months but knew there was no way it could possibly fit into our budget – at least not now. So when I saw it I was speechless! My husband said “Well, we may not have a table for some time but at least we’ll have light! I didn’t care….I loved my chandy!
For a long time a folding table served  us well….little by little we worked very hard and saved our money.  There were so many more important things that we needed in a house especially coming from an apartment.  For me it didn’t matter I had the most beautiful chandelier majestically hanging in an empty room! Everyone commented when they entered the house.  In time I didn’t even notice that the room was empty.  The chandelier represented things to come……and eventually they did…….
Since 1983 the chandy has cast light on every Christmas and Thanksgiving.  All the Easter Egg hunts and art projects too big to be done in the kitchen.  It was the only light on in the house when waiting for the teenager, who is already late, to come home.  It saw my daughters pass by waiting for their Sweet Sixteen parties to begin, it saw the parade of Prom night attendees taking pictures, it lite the way to countless college applications and caught reflections of  billowing wedding gowns.  It has never wavered from having ridiculous streamers and party hats hanging from it, nor did it question the spaghetti that landed on its brass arms after a food fight my three girls decided to have for no reason. It hung there gallantly when all the New Years resolutions were made – and broken. It overheard all the stories about Santa Claus and watched two parents go to ridiculous lengths to keep the jolly ol’ soul alive!
For some reason, our dining room was command central in our house.  All major decisions were made in that room.  I’ll never understand why. I often wonder if that chandy could talk what it would say about our family.
When we decided to sell our home, we signed the contract at the dining room table, and as tradition would have it, the chandelier which was our first possession to go into the house  would be the last to come out.
When our new home here in Pennsylvania was completed I was knee deep in boxes! Our rented house was twenty miles away so each trip had to count.  I helped my husband load the pickup with boxes and he would make the trip, unload and come back.  the furniture would go last. With the last boxes I made the trip with him.  When we walked in that same giddy feeling rushed over me! We had built our dream home…as I walked into the center hall and then into the other rooms I felt overwhelmed. How will I get this all unpacked? I was twenty years older this time around!
then I walked into the dining room, and true to form there was my chandelier hanging majestically over a folding table! I laughed so hard I thought I would stop breathing. my husband and his infinite wisdom knew how to get me from feeling as if I were in quicksand to being firmly on solid ground with all the trials and tribulations of starting over yet again in a new state behind us.

While sitting there mulling over my life since 1983 I heard tinkering….I  looked up and there was the brass Williamsburg chandy back in its spot over the dining room table.  We didn’t say a word…we didn’t have to……we walked out of the dining room and I asked him what he wanted for lunch and if he wanted to BBQ for dinner… we mulled over what to eat he glanced over my shoulder and said “Oh, you left the chandelier on”….I smiled and said “I know”……..

Happy Monday…….


country & chandy hugs,



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  1. Good move, Lois
    Some things should not be replaced.

  2. I loved this, Lois. There are some thing that hold your heart and it doesn’t matter if they’re in or out 😉

    • Thanks Rue! I still love my Chandy and it is staying…..its like a member of the family!
      Thanks so much for stopping by…..


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