Lakeside Weekend…

028 done
So Saturday morning we awoke to bright sunlight and warm air flowing thru the windows….YES! Down the stairs, coffee is brewing for the “Love of my life”, tea is in my mug and the smell of bacon is throughout the entire kitchen….The sun is up and I’m on the deck inspecting the Tulips, Croctus’, and Hyacinths…..everything survived that snowfall we had two weeks ago….So with camera in hand I started “Tip-toeing through the tulips” so to speak!

025 done

I had forgotten what the colors all were from when I planted all 240 bulbs!
026 done
And the aroma of them!
022 done
So delicate yet so determined….
027 done
and so many!
2014-03-31 14.22.13
A slight breeze requested a tune from the old chimes…and it sounded wonderful….
024 done
While standing there taking it all in I hear a voice interrupt my Tulip stroll and say “Ride down to the Lake? Pack a basket lunch? Going to be close to 80 degrees…”
I slowly turned and realized he was talking to me! Are you kidding? Floors need moping, kitchen needs to be cleaned, I don’t have time for joy-riding!
As I was going upstairs to change and start my day as Cinderella, and with every step giving him yet another reason I can’t go, I heard him sit down in front of the laptop….hmmmmmm, maybe he has work to do too!
When I came back downstairs there was a note that I had an email……Here is what I found:
………”Hi Honey! it’s me your other half, while I was pulling the corvette out of the garage and getting it ready for a “Joy Ride”….I heard a commotion in the house…..To my wonderment there were three little elves zipping around the house! I couldn’t believe it! So I took pictures. Funny all I was able to capture was the end result….but if you look real hard I bet you will find them in the picture…..”
As they flew out the window I heard one jokingly say “This woman is nuts! this house is clean!”

“So…….me and the basket lunch are in the car, if I make it to the mailbox before your out the door….I’ll let you know how it tasted!”
I looked around the house and thought “hmmmm…..hope he got those elves phone numbers!

The lake was beautiful and the lunch was – ok – but the company was priceless!

Happy Monday!

Country Hugs,

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  1. Love is grand and the flowers are wonderful. As for Honey ooolalla!

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