Country Picnics…….

Hello everyone! Did you have a great weekend? Here in Northern Pennsylvania the weather was beautiful! And today is 70 degrees.  My kind of weather…..Everyone is outside, wheel-barrows are filled with dirt, mulch and new plants for the garden.  Neighbors are waving to each other and gossiping over rakes and hoes.  I always wonder why it takes my husband so long to mow the front of the house in early Spring, then I realized he stops to talk to everyone who passes by either by pickup, car or horse! We were busy starting to get ready for Spring to really hit us! We started taking inventory of the things we need to spruce up and those that need a total overhaul.  The deck needs to be stained again this year, the screens all need to be scrubbed and rehung, the whole house has to be pressure-washed and I’m thinking of installing a full glass/screen door on the front door.  All one hundred and twenty six tulips we planted last May are all coming up and the Weeping White Pines did great over the harsh winter we had…..
…….All in all PineRidge Hills has weathered another year in the Pennsylvania mountains.

So, what does this beautiful weather make me think of? Country Picnics!….Lazy Sunday afternoons with the grandkids running around playing, grown ups laughing and eating.  A game of horseshoes or checkers on the old picnic table…..and at least one person reading the Sunday paper to all of us! Last week I shared with you my idea’s for Country Gift Baskets….this week lets spread out Grandma’s linen tablecloth on the cool grass and set up lunch…….doesn’t the cool grass feel good on your toes? Still have your shoes on? Oh, here at PineRidge Hills, shoes are banned from Spring thru Fall!

Here are some great idea’s I have found……Let’s start with the surroundings:

Watermelon planter! ….scoop out the watermelon and make a fruit salad then use the melon as a planter……

Country tables – I love them…..the next time you see a table at a flea market or at a yard sale think about grabbing it for an outside table…..
Country Picnic
And here at PineRidge hills we never know who will show up for lunch!
I love the Black & White checked tablecloths!
Country doesn’t always mean plain…elegant linens billowing in a warm breeze…..
country picnic
The food is always simple, delicious and home made…..and simply displayed……
Aren’t these cupcakes adorable?
You can get the how-to here

Now…I found some great DIY projects! The “love of my life” is planning this one right now….we are a family of fourteen, so an average table and chairs won’t work for us! Here is the idea we found for a deck table…the big expense will be chairs.

the inset in the middle of the table is a galvanized gutter! fill it with ice for beverages so people can help themselves or use as a planter…..we are going to make our table 8-9 feet long…..

Her is where I found this Wine Cooler Table

And what a great idea to use a wheelbarrow as a beverage holder! and it’s mobile!
Well, I hope I’ve got you energized and ready to head outdoors…..the weekends will be getting warmer, and before you know it June breezes will be blowing through the windows asking you to come outside and play……

Country Hugs,

Everything posted here was found on Pinterest: “Country Picnics”……

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  1. Wow… gorgeous pictures! It certainly put me in a mood to get out in the sunshine 🙂

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