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So with spring comes the yearning to throw oneself into a pile of mulch…well, maybe not everyone but you get the idea! I can’t wait to walk into the woods without boots, a coat and gloves! While, anticipating warm breezes and my tulips and daffodils, I started hunting for some Spring crafts and Easter idea’s to get a jump on….

  • Along the way I found some of the best tips for a second pair of “Helping Hands” and some  great idea’s that I had to share with all of you…..

Sharpen your scissors by cutting sand paper.
Place a little bit of Vaseline to the end of your glue gun to get rid of those long glue strings.
Soak your paint brushes in fabric softener or hair conditioner for 10 min…cleans right off!  
 Recycle large plastic lids by using them for a painter’s palette or cutting them up for stencils.
   Need to create a large pattern? Use newspapers!
Keeping a magnet close by makes picking up those sewing pins a cinch!
Use cereal boxes for sewing pattern templates.
Break up some Styrofoam to create snow for craft projects.
Keep those cardboard boxes….Cut & cover with patterned paper to make a mini album, cover with art paper and use as a canvas, or use them to eliminate a mess while spray painting!
  Use cereal boxes as fabric bolts.
Use a metal knitting needle to hot glue something…saves the fingers from burns!
Give life to old tape by microwaving for about 10 seconds!
Re-use old containers such as Pringles chip tubes to store pipe cleaners or paint brushes.
 Turn a King size pillow into TWO throw pillows 
Get rid of stray threads by using a bristle brush.
Paint popsicle sticks with your home paint colors…carry in your purse to match colors easily!
Cover craft tables with cheap, dollar store tablecloths for easy clean-up!

Ok, now what about those projects:

My first project this week was to make a “Designer Gourmet Basket” as a donation to the JT Policemen’s’ Ball this past weekend which was raffled off….this is a great way to donate your time and a little cash for a great cause. I went to HomeGoods and saw a lovely tea Pot so that was my main piece.  From that I went with matching mugs & platter, along with a matching creamer…added cotton tea towels and gourmet cookies.
Placed it all in a handled basket and tied with ribbon! Great idea for a bridal shower or a housewarming…..use the same idea  for any function…just find your “Anchor Piece” and work from that……it’s so much fun and a lot more personal…..
I get so excited when I stumble upon a blog that I find quite by accident….Here is one of them! This site just makes the country girl in me smile and want to spend the next week locked in my craft room!
There’s just something about Country that makes you think “Home”…
Countryliving.com….http://www.countryliving.com/diy-crafts/how-to/g1282/easter-egg-decorating-ideas/ is another of my “go to” places for inspiration, not only from my subscription but from their site.
So here are some idea’s that I’m going to give a try this coming week….

“Plain old dye? Been there, dipped that. Hatch a new decorating scheme with these just-as-easy ideas for decorating with and dressing up Easter eggs…”

Paper Napkin Eggs / Twine eggs/ Robin’s eggs
Silk – Dyed Eggs
silk eggs

Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

Hope this gets you started…….Tomorrow will be all about “Country Easter Table”….recipes and a story or two…..

Country Hugs,

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