March Madness….

I see green stuff!! Oh….I think its grass….Yes! Friday will be the First Day of Spring, and it is slowly making its way  up the mountain……
So that makes today is the last Monday before Spring! Yes, I know…I need fresh air and sunshine…….
Well I for one can not wait. My front door is waiting for that knock, you know, when Spring arrives with all it’s luggage, and you throw open all the windows and go running through all the rooms pulling down drapes and washing windows till they glisten in the sunlight….shampoo rugs, get the 15 ft. ladder out to clean and shine the hall chandy, hang the laundry out in the fresh Spring air and warm sunshine, get the dogs to the groomer and the vet, paint the shutters, pressure wash the house / deck / outdoor furniture, then start cleaning out the garage where you stored everything all winter long! The birds are now coming to the feeders with their relatives in tow….
Spring Desktop Wallpapers and Backgrounds 6
Change all the HVAC filters, clean the chimney and fireplace and take stock of all the repairs needed from the damage done outside by Father winter! Service the pickup and repair the plow for next year. time for its long nap! Whew….I am tired of Spring already! NOT!
I will get over it rather quickly as my table is littered with flower and seed catalogs that already have huge red circles all over the roses, berry bushes and this year I want a weeping willow…a place to put my old weathered bench my husband made for me years ago.
I am already pinning recipes for grilling, I am determined to learn to “Can” this summer so I can fill my pantry with jams and fruit.
This Easter, my daughter Tammy is hosting our celebration.
I’ll do the tablescape and help with the cooking….I found several inspirational tables what do you think?
The best part about this Easter is that for the first time I get to wake up later, get all dressed up and leave my home on Easter Sunday! I get to enjoy the ride up to Jim Thorpe, with the wind in my hair and looking at all the daffodils starting to peek up from the ground….
With spring comes The farmers’ Market, which will be opening soon, and of course the orchards will be busy…not to mention all the new friends that will be living at the farms along 903….
And now starts the local wineries “March Madness”….our wineries open up on the weekends and carloads of local folks and those from as far away as New York city come up to sample and mingle! We always enjoy visiting friends…..
I still think Spring will be a welcomed guest…..even though its baggage will consist of allergies, mud and pollen. Not too mention Bradford the Bear will be visiting along with his family and the deer will be running up the ridge!
My hummingbirds will be stopping by for lunch and of course the Yellow & purple finches will be looking for a quick meal….

All in all, looks like a busy time for Pineridge Hills when Spring comes knockin’……..

Country Hugs,

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