Easter In The Country

Its a rainy day here on the mountain, there’s a layer of fog that’s slowly making its way up the ridge. It looks eerie and calming all at the same time…..All my running around was done yesterday so today I’m going to hang out with my oven and the rest of the gang in the kitchen….yes I know, Spring can’t come quick enough when one starts naming the pots & pans!
Well, as you all know, my daughter Tammy is hosting Easter Sunday Dinner…Bless her heart….but I am going to give her a helping hand.
I’ve been visiting all over the net looking for a few recipes to get us away from the “Tried & True” we always gravitate to on holidays. Our family is so blended ethnically that our celebrations range from all over Europe. My husband Al, my in-laws and son-in-law David are all Italian, my soon-to-be son-in-law, Joseph and his family are German and Irish, my family is English and Irish with a little bit of Italian thrown in! So our dinner tables are as colorful as the flags that fly over the United Nations…..
This year will be different in some aspects, some family won’t be with us while some new faces will smile at our table, We will laugh and gossip as we always do. The kids will all be running thru the house or outside, (Oh please let it be a nice day weather-wise) the men will be talking cars, tools and politics, and the women – well we will talk about everything!
All though many members of our family were born in the city, moving to the country does something to you…something wonderful!
So take that first left off the main highway……head up the mountain, through the pines, past the lake and turn right at the second red barn……can’t miss us!
red barn
So do you smell all this deliciousness going on at PineRidge? click on the recipe name for “How To’s”……

I am so in love with this – Asparagus and mushrooms!
But I am thinking I need to make two….

This is a twist on the typical Potato gratin, so flavorful…..

Both sons-in-law, love Glazed Ham so this is a classic
that appears on our holiday tables…..Always!

For the Italian side of the family, which is half of us……, I am trying these for the first time…
but they all look so Delish!

easter egg hang

easter egg hang

German Easter Tree

German Easter Tree

Osterstrauch…A beautiful German Easter tradition. This is a branch or small tree decorated with hollowed-out eggs. The raw eggs are prepared by poking pinholes at each end of the shell and blowing the contents out (saving the egg yolk and egg white mixture for Easter baking). Allowed to dry out, the egg shells are then dyed and hand painted. These eggs are hung with ribbons on the branches of trees either hung from the ceiling or put into vases. Outside, eggs are hung on the trees too. These eggs are usually made from plastic or wood.

More “Old World” Traditions:

In Ireland, Many family house holds would prepare their homes for Easter Sunday by doing what would be better known as “spring cleaning” to prepare the house for blessing by the local priest which is a religious ceremony that dates back hundreds of years.
No outdoor work should take place on Good Friday in Ireland and should be treated as a day of rest and preparation of body and soul for Easter. On Good Friday people would attend confessions asking for forgiveness, have their hair cut, nails trimmed and would also shop for new clothes to be worn to Easter mass.
Eggs would not be eaten during the time of Lent and would be presented to the Irish household on Good Friday but not eaten until Easter Sunday. Eggs would have been painted with different colors and designs but have been replaced with Chocolate Easters Eggs for the children.
Holy Saturday would be a day that Irish people take a vow of silence but also attend a special ceremony to have their Holy water blessed but would also attend the Easter Vigil which usually starts at 10pm with the Church decorated in purple colored banners to celebrate the arrival of the King. All lights in the Church are extinguished at 11pm with a new flame being presented to the altar of the church which is a Paschal candle, a symbol of the Risen Christ and the celebrations.
After attending mass on Easter Sunday everyone would make their way back home to start the Easter feast which is usually made up of servings of potatoes, vegetables, meat, stuffing, bread and anything else that makes up a good proper Irish feast.
The Easter Eggs are always presented to the Children after their traditional Irish Easter dinner and can only be given to a child that has not broken the Lent fast and who has also finished eating a full Easter Dinner but from past experience parents usually bend the rules for the children as the fasting is somewhat of a difficult task for a child…

Easter in Italy…while you won’t find the Easter Bunny, you will find some interesting Italian Easter celebrations. Like all holidays in Italy, Easter, Pasqua in Italian, has its share of rituals and traditions. The Monday following Easter, la Pasquetta is also a holiday throughout Italy. While the days before Easter in Italy include solemn processions and masses, Easter is a joyous celebration.
Florence – Scoppio del Carro
In Florence, Italy, where my paternal grandfather was from, Easter is celebrated with the Scoppio del Carro, explosion of the cart. A huge, decorated wagon is dragged through Florence by white oxen until it reaches Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence’s historic center. Following mass, the Archbishop sends a dove-shaped rocket into the cart, igniting the fireworks held in the cart. This spectacular display is followed by a parade in medieval costumes.

As you can see we really know how to celebrate at our family table……..as always we will remember those family members that, all though not physically with us, are always present through the stories and laughter that they gave us to share generation to generation….

Country hugs,

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  1. I long to move back to the country! For me, baking in the country is so much more satisfying. I am 100% Italian and have never had Easter pie! It sounds so good since I just love ricotta cheese. We may go out for EAster but I can have this pie waiting for us at home. Thanks for all the delicious looking recipes! Visiting from Home and Garden Thursday.

    • Thank you for visiting Ann Marie! I’ll let you know how it turns out……We try to cover all the International bases when we all get together on holidays….and it always turns out great!
      Come back for a visit any time!


  2. What beautiful pictures. Your blog is lovely and very informative. Thank you. Valerie R.

  3. I’m smitten with the opening photo! I can just imagine strolling down the road with a cup of morning coffee listening to bird song. Thanks for visiting me at VB&G!

    • Oh, me too! I love country roads…never know what’s around the bend….see you over at VB&G…..
      Happy Monday…

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