Out with the old….

I finally got the Hutch cleared of Christmas and winter……even thought there is a foot of snow outside…….I decided to think Spring….. so my grandmothers Rose Chintz stoneware came out along with her tea pot and there are brownies on the table cooling……ah, life is good!hutch 1

My dad always told me how he remembered his mother siting in front of the kitchen window sipping her tea from her little pot….that was 1930….

hutch 3 Well that was an early fix this morning!

Now what goes well with my Earl Grey? Brownies of course……

brownie 3

These brownies are loaded with chunks of Dark Ghirardelli Chocolate …… brownie 2

The Weather Channel is telling me to prepare for Monday….more snow…..frigid temperatures and ice…..I thought Father winter was going to let us here in the north slide this year….so much for wishful thinking! So I guess its going to be a good weekend for cooking and baking…..I found this great recipe online for “Amanda’s Cheese Pound Cakerecipe here……a Pennsylvania Dutch favorite…..


My new favorite food site…. Food.com…..simple to navigate and thousands of recipes from everyday cooks….I am going to make these “Upside Down Potatoes…recipe here… tonight with Cajun Flounder…..
The Sun is finally coming up and my three little Fur-Babies are asking for breakfast……will be working on some fun projects this weekend will share with you next week – stay warm!

Country Hugs,

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  1. Your hutch looks so nice with those beautiful plates prettily lined up.
    Having grown up in Vermont with snow banks so high it took until May for them to melt, I know what you are going through this winter…not fun, especially for us older folks!
    Have a wonderful weekend, despite the snowfall…

    • Thank you Marigene! We are expecting more on Monday…..If I have another cup of hot chocolate I’ll scream! Love your tablescape this week! the orange is beautiful! Have a great weekend…..


  2. Your grandmothers Rose Chintz stoneware is beautiful!

    • Thank you Rue! I keep adding to it when ever I come across a piece……I use it at Easter and on Mothers Day…..Thanks for stopping by…..


  3. This display is the bomb! So, so beautiful! I recently began collecting Rose Chintz, so I’m drooling at your collection! And to think that you inherited it from your grandmother makes it ever more special! Beautiful, and perfect for Valentine’s Day!

    • Thank you Maria…….I love it too! I pair it up with my green depression glass on holidays……I can even use them with my Lenox dinner plates….I love to mix and match. Thanks for visiting please come again…..


  4. What a beautiful pattern, and even more special because it is a family heirloom. They give the hutch such a light and pretty look – perfect for spring and Valentine’s Day. Thank you for linking.

  5. I love the way you have displayed your grandmother’s Rose Chintz stoneware, that is a beautiful pattern for Valentine’s day. I pinned that upside down baked potato recipe from your link to Food.com. That looks wonderful to go with Parmesan chicken for Valentine’s day dinner. I have had enough of winter already too, but they are saying this coming week is going to be another frigid and snowy week. Gosh, how much longer can it last? Don’t answer that, it hasn’t been to many years since we had snow in May.

    • I agree Candy!! lol! thank you for your kind words……and I’m so glad you liked the recipe! I’m making them this coming weekend as Al and I are staying in for Valentine’s Day…..right in front of the fireplace…..I’m hunkering down till I see my tulips pop up!
      Thanks for stopping by…..


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