Battle of the Faux….


A former neighbor from Pike County, stopped by on her way to visit her children in Ohio,  the house was spotless, furniture glistening, a wonderful lunch was beautifully set on the kitchen table and a fire roaring in the family room…..and I was not wearing sweat pants! even the dogs were well behaved….She came barreling through the front door with such fanfare that I thought HGTV was behind her telling me  I had won the 2015 Dream Home !

…..I didn’t…….


After I realized she was alone, I welcomed her in and never got another word in edge-wise…….for the entire afternoon…….she commented on everything……the new paint colors I chose, the furniture, the drapes, the ironstone she was about to eat from, the fact that I still haven’t found sconces for over the mantle, the black & white theme, etc..etc……even the hand-made lavender soaps that are in the guest bathroom. Her comment was “It’s all Sooo, quaint”! “I just love country homes!”

…..hmmmm……..Country home? As in contrast to a City home?

I took it all in stride, “I love my home, and everything in it.” I said.  Accompanied with all the country charm I could muster without hitting her…..

……………….Until……..I heard……..”Oh, Lois”………………….and here it comes……….wait for it…….

“Traditional Home Magazine would never show artificial flower arrangements in their homes…..”

with that she went on and on about her upcoming vacation and her new job….I think.  I wasn’t really paying attention to her from that point on and thankfully she was on her way soon after…….as I sat and contemplated her statement I thought…artificial? why not!

I realized that in order to have fresh cut flower arrangements in most of my rooms, where “Faux-Fresh” (My new concept word) flowers now stand, would cost me about $40 to $50 dollars per week! ………Not going to happen!

My argument for my “Forever Arrangements” stands on these points:

  • They don’t die! Major plus for me…..
  • Not having to replace them – so cost effective…
  • No changing of water
  • Keeps their “Faux-Fresh” freshness!
  • And I can change the mood of the room at will!

It’s time we embraced the “Faux-Fresh Flower” aisle at Michael’s and Joanne’s, and lets not forget HomeGoods! We are so fast to put dried twigs made into a wreath in every square inch of our homes, garnished with “Faux-Fresh” berries and fruit! But bring out the forever daffodils and our homes become blemished? Well, I’m starting a crusade for the Faux arrangements……I’m going to put them in every room! If you agree send me your photo’s of your “Faux-Fresh” idea’s and I’ll post them! Together we can end this Faux Bullying!

I decided to share some of my “Faux-Fresh” arrangements with you….




october 25 012

021 032027028
center 7

And let’s not forget our potted plants for adding some “Realism” to a windowsill! here is my Shamrock plant……which she thought was “cute“….


Now, so determined am I to fight for the Faux….I found some beautiful arrangements already gracing the internet! If its good enough for… Pottery Barn…..

Faux Cherry Blossom Branch

Faux Hydrangea Stems

And what’s wrong with my Black & White?


So there you have it, my new Soap Box argument………..And if for no other reason – when I walk into the dining room and see purple lilacs on my table and a mountain of snow outside the window……it makes me smile! and that is Soooo worth it!





Country Hugs,






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  1. Here here. I vote for the long lasting arrangements. Of course that is until someone adopts me and send fresh on a daily basis. Thinking about it though, when was the last time a fresh flower had a pleasant scent? So much for genetic engineering even the flowers have lost their attraction.
    Long live Yankee candle room fresheners, they go so well with the faux flower arrangements!

  2. Love this post! This is such a debatable subject, but I love both! I also love incorporating faux and fresh into arrangements. Visiting you from Ivy and Elephants.

  3. I worked for years making fresh flower arrangements. There is definitely something wonderful about fresh flowers! However, I had to smirk a bit every time someone said, “I’d love to see your home and all your flowers.” After days of working with the arrangements at the store the last thing I really wanted to do was come home and arrange flowers for home. I enjoy good faux flowers.

    As a matter of fact today I plan on taking apart a 15 year old spring arrangement, cleaning the flowers and reworking it for the spring.

    I’ll also be shopping at HL today for some faux succulents to tuck into a faux flower bridal bouquet that I’ll be making for my niece. Her fiance is a soldier and the’ve decided they don’t like being apart. She and some family are heading to Georgia for a wedding later this month. She wants a bouquet that can travel well.

    I hope you succeed in helping people enjoy faux flowers in their homes. I’d love to go back to days where the stores had a great selection of faux flowers. I get tired of the store hopping to find enough faux flowers to create what I have envisioned that is necessary today because of the lack of variety in the stores.

    • Thanks for visiting Jeanne…..This week I’ve gone a bit crazy with the “Faux-Fresh” idea! I haven’t done anything with the faux succulents…but I’m thinking I want to try! Yes, I’m on a mission….I too love fresh flowers and my plants are growing in numbers. I’ve always been a “Houseplant Lover”….but my Faux tulips in January bring a smile to my face! Please visit again!
      Happy Friday…


  4. You have a GOD given talent and it’s a nice opportunity with this forum for you to share. Although after reading how critical you were, even to your friend’s kind and gracious remarks referring to your home and how you’re not anxious for her return, I think you would do well with a large dose of humility. My husband is a superior physician and I was a good and dedicated teacher. We know how well we did our jobs without berating a friend who might want to talk about THEIR life. HUMILITY….. a really good life word. BTY, you DO live in the country. It is a country house. Let’s not be so critical. As old as I am, I can see you need to take yourself a lot less seriously.

    • Hello “Trytobekind”….
      First, thank you for visiting! I hope you had a somewhat nice visit….I do think that maybe I did not explain the visit from this friend correctly, unfortunately she had nothing nice to say about any of the hard work or the pride we take in our home. She was condescending and rude. And the Country House remark was in comparison to her estate…..but she can’t help herself, she is who she is….and although I don’t condone her insensitive behavior my door will always be open to her visits. I was raised to rise above and be the person I am….and my door is always open – Faux Flowers, a cup of Earl Grey and a smile …..
      I hope you will visit often……

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