Winter Blues…..


Well……..I’ve written letters to everyone I could come up with…even the Pope… I’ve made promises that I know I won’t keep, to those one should never make promises to………but the snow just won’t go away!

003 snow

It’s been one of those weeks……cabin fever is high….. but the idea of wrestling with thermals, three sweatshirts, four scarves and two pairs of flannel pajama pants, boots, six pairs of socks, two hats and nine pairs of gloves…..might as well stay inside! Even the family of wild turkeys we have living here have had it!

001 turkewys

Elvis, our little Yorkie, has the right idea…..”Patience Mom, Spring is coming! I can smell it”…….and so he waits………

elvis 2 chair

I on the other hand don’t have that kind of Patience! I want sunshine and warm breezes……I want to see my deck…..I want the squirrels to stop peeking in hoping for an invite!

And when you start to justify your craziness its time to divert your attention to more constructive ideas….so tomorrow I’ll be sharing some updates to the house and my fight for justice! Yup, come on back tomorrow for the “Battle of the Fakes”!

In the meantime here is what I’ve been working on:

You know your Stir-crazy when:

1. You name the wildlife… Alphabetical order!
2. Your husband is starting to look like Grizzly Adams – and you like it….
3. The truck won’t start and for a fleeting moment you think …”How hard can it be to steal my neighbors car?”
4. The idea of “dinner out” consists of two hot dogs on the BBQ – if the propane isn’t frozen….
5. A brisk hike means walking backwards from the kitchen, around the sofa and over the dining room table….and up the stairs just for the altitude…
6. The grandchildren want to come for a visit…and you count the ways you can tie them to the furniture.
7. Your daughters call….and you tell them they have the wrong number…..
8. The husband wants to know what’s for dinner…..your answer….which ever fast food chain you pass before you hit the bridge….
9. The dogs need to go out for a walk….you update your will before doing so…..
10. And finally you definitely know you’ve gone stir crazy when The mailman is edging down the driveway and you run out onto the front porch wearing your…thermals, three sweatshirts, four scarves and two pairs of flannel pajama pants, boots, six pairs of socks, two hats and nine pairs of gloves….and a shotgun….and through a crazed, devilish grin you say “Better have my magazines, Mr. Postman…”

Country Hugs,

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