Country Christmas Table….

This week would have been my Grandmother Anna’s 122nd. Birthday!
Can you imagine living that long and seeing the changes our world has gone through? She was the daughter of English & Irish immigrants.
The art of cooking, baking and home-making was her legacy. She taught me when I was very young, how to crochet, sew and appreciate family heirlooms. And with every piece there was a story which I now try to always pass down to my grandchildren.
On my grandmothers birthday, my mom and I would walk to her home with a big bouquet of flowers and a box of homemade fudge – her favorite. When we entered the hallway we could smell the aroma’s of what was on the menu for lunch and of course something in the oven baking! She always insisted on celebrating her birthday at her home where she would set the kitchen table with her family heirlooms and of course her stories of days gone by! I tried to hang on every word while eating our lunch. My mom and Grandmother would laugh at stories of the old “Spinster Aunts” and her fathers childhood traditional Christmas in Tenbury Wells, England and how her mom celebrated in Cork, Ireland with big family gatherings.
After lunch was finished and dishes washed and lovingly put back into the old oak hutch, she would share her latest embroidery project or the aprons she was making by hand…..such great memories……
So today’s tablescape is for my Grandmother Anna’s Christmas Birthday…..along with my version of her favorite lunch – Grilled Cheese & tomato soup……
Happy Birthday Nanna!I hope where ever you are your stories are still making everyone smile……
plate 18
I used my favorite placemats and napkins, Ralph Lauren, and this year’s new addition to the “Dish Closet”, Better Homes & Gardens 2014 Christmas Edition salad Plates. The red square dinner plate and soup bowl were from HomeGoods last year. ….my grandmother used to have these beautiful antique hand made Christmas Trees that she would put on her table with white plates and her small collection of Belleek China…so I’ve tried to create the same cozy feeling but with a Country twist to it….
plate red
the menue was grilled Gruyere’ cheese Leaf sandwiches on a bed of arugula with warm walnut & Vinegrette dressing.
plate 19
I also made Tomato Soup – her favorite……she was such a simple person……

The stemware was hers, and she loved mulled cider so this was my version of it. I steeped apple cider with orange slices and cinnamon and a hint of brandy.
plate cider
For dessert I made sugar cookies, another favorite of Nanna’s.
The fire is crackling so I think I will take my cookies and Earl Grey over to the rocker and enjoy my memories – this smile is for you Nanna!

country Hugs,

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  1. I must admit that when I first saw the lead picture I felt quite certain I was looking at a piece of bread. I was very happy to see in your story that I have not lost my touch!!

    • no you haven’t! but…. do you cut your bread in leaf shapes? 🙂
      sandwiches are so much more fun when not square!

  2. I just discovered your blog and I am so glad that I did. I love this post ! Those dishes are lovely!

    • Thank you so much elizabeth! I’m working a few projects at the same time so I haven’t posted in a few, ut I’ll be back with some updates on the decorating going on! Please stop by anytime!

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