Country breakfast….

Good Morning Sunshine!

……………………..Are you ready for breakfast?

Well, pull up a chair, yes the fireplace smells wonderful…and, oh, look the sun is just starting to peek out above the White Pines…….Frost is covering the pumpkins out on the wagon….The deer are lingering around the Hemlocks up on the ridge.  Do you see them? And here comes the family of Turkeys that have moved in….They know they’re safe here at Pineridge Hills!
Do you like the new country table? Me too! I was almost giddy when the “Love of my life” finished it! Then when he brought in the Maine Ladderback chairs I was in Heaven!

The table is set……simple….and I hope inviting…..
center 13
center 12

Yummmmm, I smell the bacon sizzling….
let me start pouring the pancakes onto the cast iron griddle……
What’s in the oven? Eggnog muffins!
Coffee or tea? Yes, Earl Grey is in the cupboard…..

So what’s on the agenda for today? Roadtrip? well, I do have laundry to do and then there’s the vacuuming and foodshopping……Your going where? HomeGoods?

…………….you grab a pancake and a piece of bacon…I got the muffins and the truck keys! We’ll stop for coffee!

                                                Let’s Roll!



Happy Monday……


The “Eggnog Muffins” are from the 2014 Celebrate the Season Book…..I love it!

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  1. Love the table and chairs….wow!! The black and white is perfect with the wood………but then you added the plaid napkins, and the angels sang!!! What a compliment to the setting!!! Enjoy your road trip!!

    • Thank you! I love the new look of the breakfast room, the check has made it feel cozy and inviting! Please visit again!


  2. Love your rooster plates.
    What a nice setting for breakfast.
    But we love our home good store too.
    Happy Holidays to come.

    • Thanks Linda! The rooster plates was a find at TJ Maxx on clearance for $3.99 set of four! Have a great weekend and please come on over anytime!


  3. Love those roosters! I saw those plates yesterday at T.J. Maxx. We don’t have a Homegoods store. Your plaid napkins look so nice against the rustic table. Breakfast looks delicious, too!

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