SSSSSSSSH – It’s a surprise!

Good morning sunshine! yes the sun is out but its nippy up here on the mountain! Autumn forgot to tell us to get the sweaters out this past week… matter…..our kitchen is in full gear, I’m baking bread, there is a pot of Beef Stew on the stove and I’m knee deep in making chocolate heart-shaped pink lollipops! Ok…I’ll tell you why but its a secret….so don’t tell anyone…..

Well…ok you can tell your sister and your neighbor……yes your first cousin on your mothers side and your niece in Altoona…

oh Heck! its not that big of a secret!

I decided that for my grandchildren’s birthday’s I would do something special for each of them…..My godson included! although at almost fifteen I’m not sure what I will do for him! maybe something with Soccer and Baseball….

anyway, I started with my grandson Justin who turned Ten in August.  He mentioned one night when he was over that his mom, my eldest daughter, doesn’t make certain foods for him…WHAT!!!!! “No Grandma, Mommy doesn’t make that like you do”! Well, we can’t have that now can we so I designed his own Gourmet Food Line!

YUP, all the things he likes…..below are some photo’s I took, yes I know I went overboard but he is my grandson!

I even made him “Gravy with meatballs”…actually we refer to sauce as gravy in an Italian house……I froze it so he could have pasta and meatballs anytime he wanted…..

I then made designer cupcakes, and a popcorn bucket and lollipops, and well, you get the idea.  I then made labels with his own logo and photo on them, and included napkins, plates, forks and straws! an entire Gourmet food line……..

justin 4 justin 3 justin 2 justin 1 justin 5

Now, its my granddaughter, Alexis’ birthday today but we are celebrating it tomorrow night….its also my wonderful brother-in-laws birthday today… now I decided because she is such a “Girly-Girl”, I would do Pink & Black! So I designed the gift bags with her photo’s taken this summer and glitter and lollipops in pink she also got a Pandora-like bracelet I made and last year I gave her my collection of Gooseberry Patch Christmas Books…so every year she gets the new edition.  Here are some of the goodies……this is a great idea for all you Grandma’s out there….I bought all the supplies in Walmart and the kids get such a kick out of it because its so personalized…..

Here’s a sneak peek…..


I’ve actually gotten a few orders from some mothers who want this done for their children so I guess I have another business started! although you could do this for anyone, adults too!

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  1. I bet that was so special for your grandkids, Lois! Thanks for sharing your great ideas!

  2. What a great idea for your grandson, guys always like food anyway, and that you made it special by making it
    his own designer food, adorable! and love what you are doing for your grandaughter too. Things like this really make a child or adult feel very special that someone went to all that trouble for them.
    Love how you packaged everything, very clever and very creative.
    Blessings, Nellie

    • Thanks Nellie! I love making handmade things for family especially the kids! they get such a kick out of it!
      Please visit us again!

  3. Everything looks so delicious and wonderful. This is such a super cute post. I would love it if you would share it at our WIW Linky Party. I hope you can join us.


  4. Wow! You just kicked it up a notch for all the grandma’s out there! So cute and I’m sure very appreciated. Thank you for sharing at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a lovely week! ~Deborah

    • Thank you Deborah! I so love doing special little things for the grandkids…..and when it comes to idea’s the sky’s the limit! Thanks for stopping by, please visit again!

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