Legend of the Stone Couch…


“…….The site is peculiar in its plainness.
A flat stretch atop the mountain. No houses, no buildings. Nothing but woods.
So very nondescript. So unassuming and not to be noticed.
Except for a monolith of mystery.
It rests there alongside the road, appearing, at first, to be a large rock. A second glance identifies it as a piece of furniture, a sofa made of stone. But this is one piece of furniture you don’t want inside your house.
Everybody knows about it. They call it the Curse of the Stone Couch, a phenomenon north of Weatherly surrounded by nothingness and yet charged with legend and questions.
Why is it there?
Is the mysterious Stone Couch of Buck Mountain a natural rock formation, as many believe?
If so, was it really cursed by a Native American woman some 250 years ago?
Or were the boulders strategically positioned at the site to provide comfort to a distressed family long ago?
There are many questions and few answers, except for a stern warning that resonates in the area: “Stay away! Don’t go near. If you stop and rest there, you’ll be cursed!”
The Stone Couch is situated along rural Eckley Road, just beyond the Carbon-Luzerne county line.
It’s been a landmark at that location as long as anyone can remember. A special roadside rest for the ages, although nobody is certain of its origin. For those who stumble on it by accident, it literally turns heads.
Local legend says that if you sit on it once, you get scratched. Twice you sit on it, something bad happens to somebody close to you. Thrice you sit on it, you die……”

As I read the Sunday paper this past week I came upon the feature story “The Stone Couch”…you can read the entire story here…..

Its a local legend, about twenty miles from where I live.  I won’t lie, the story intriqued me.  But those that know me also know that my imagination is as wild as they come and I believe in “Safety in numbers” especially if your going to annoy Ghosts, Legends and/or Curses!

Having asked the “Love of my life” to take a ride with me, hearing him laugh until he almost put himself in a trance, I decided that at the age of sixty-one it was time I became…. Brave! So this past Tuesday morning, after saying two novena’s, and with Rosary Beads in hand I set out on my trek to see for myself The Stone Couch.

I stopped for gas at my local station, the only one that pumps the gas for you, cause as you all might remember, this former New Yorker/Jersey girl doesn’t pump gas…the young man is always so pleasant, he asked “where are you headed today?” I told him and he suddenly became worrisome.  “Don’t go there Lady! bad place especially alone!”

Thanked him for pumping  and went on my way….No doubt my husband stopped there and told him when the crazy couch lady in a silver jeep comes in for gas, steer her away from Eckley road!

Not this time! For once in my life I’m going through with it! Up Rt. 209, thru Jim Thorpe, onto Rt. 93 thru Nesquehoning, onto Rt. 940….Heading up Buck Mountain…….on my third novena…..

Once you leave Nesquehoning, the drive becomes well, to say the least desolate…I’m the only one on the road…..I’m remembering I once read that there was a Bigfoot sigting up here in Weatherly in Great Gorge state gamelands……hmmmmm…..so I decide to ride with the windows up and the doors locked…you never know….Better to be safe than sorry….Really Lois? Then what the heck are you doing alone on a road on top of a mountain going to see a cursed rock?

The more I drove the wilder my imagination got…..I decided to pull over just to check mapquest on my phone, make sure I was headed in the right direction, when suddenly I heard a huge noise in woods beside me. Whatever it was it was big and coming down  the side of the mountain towards me! Put the jeep in gear and off I went in search of a haunted and cursed stone couch…again I thought …what the heck am I doing! I’m not brave when it comes to this stuff!

While contemplating my dimise, and how everyone is going to wonder what was she thinking, up and down roads, passing cemeteries, sure that I was hoplessly lost, I slowed down and there it was! OMG! I made it! there is an area across from it where you can park…which I did….no, I didn’t turn the engine off, I sat there staring at this anomaly.  I wondered how many people defied the stories and sat on the rock?  Are we so afraid of the unknown that pure folklore can somehow direct our lives down different paths? I should just sit on the damn thing! So I got out of the Jeep and stood there all alone…..listening for that little voice that tells you “No, don’t do it!” You know, the voice of reason, I think mine got so frightened from the episode on the side of the road that it hitch-hiked back home.

Hmmm……suddenly I thought to myself “the noise I heard, could it have followed me? Is it watching me from the woods? Is it behind me?…….You know that feeling you get when you feel someone or something is watching you and if you turn real fast you will see it? When every hair on your body stands on its end? When every normal thought pattern in your brain is telling you to “Get out of here!” yeah, that feeling!”

Back in the Jeep, lock the doors….Don’t look over at the stone! Ohhh, have to! …nothing there… Now lets go home!…….

Hmmmm……Not just yet………

As I go to put the jeep in gear I see the ABS light is on…….I don’t think I’m  suppose to drive with that light on! Like heck I’m not…..

U-turn…with my eyes closed…..  back down the highway, pass the ominous area where I pulled over…. never doing that again….. thru Nesquehoning, then fly thru Jim Thorpe…I know the Chief of Police…. back on Rt. 209….into the driveway and in the garage. The ABS  Light goes off! Are you kidding me?

Hmmmm………Now I have to walk to the house, no one is home, unlock the door and get inside before…..well, you know……

I couldn’t get the day’s events out of my mind……Was I being warned not to go to the Stone Couch? Was something coming down the mountain after me? What would I have seen if I had stayed? What would have happened if I didn’t get back in the Jeep at that exact moment? Was that feeling of doom real or did my out of control imagination create it? I was never the type of person who was afraid of doing things in the “Here and Now”…..but the unknown? nope, not this girl!

As I sit here at the kitchen table, on the Eve of Halloween, writing this and thinking about the human affects of Folklore and looking out towards the woods behind the house….all those woods…..miles of woods….dense woods that end at the remote section of the lake…. I realize that anyone or anything could be in those woods just …waiting…..watching……..hmmmmmm……….





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  1. hey Girl,

    Glad you are back. Sounds like just maybe you might be Maggie!!!!!! I ain’t fraid of not ghost, you want to bet.

    • Hi Darlin’!
      Next time you and Ted are going with me! Too weird up there on Buck Mtn.! And “Maggie” will be returning this afternoon……
      check back later for her next insane experience!
      Love ya!

  2. Lois, wish I could have been with you, I’d have walked over and sat down! Oh yes, I certainly believe in otherworldly things, and have a pretty good sense of them. The only problem is, you would have to have gone with me…otherwise you might have driven off without me! While I am quite brave…I’m not sure I’m quite THAT brave!
    Love us!

    • Oh Shelley! lol! I would NEVER sit on it!!! I’m lucky I got as far as I did! I’m not a brave person when it comes to this stuff! But it was on my bucket list to face my fear of the supernatural so I went! Will NEVER go alone again! Come up one day for a visit and I’ll tale you up!
      Happy Halloween!

  3. I sat on the stone couch some ten years ago. I grew up in this area and am very familiar with the dark feelings surrounding here that you mention. When my friends and I were younger, we’d often search for paranormal stuff and the couch was no exception, even after hearing about another friend’s fiery car accident after sitting on it. Well, being young and foolish, one of my friends and I threw caution to the wind in the middle of one crisp autumn night and proudly situated ourselves on it, our confident, carefree faces smiling at the camera for a picture. The next evening as I left work, doing about 50 down a quiet, forested part of 924, casually chatting away on my cell to a friend, a rock about the size of a softball fell out of the sky from straight above my car and hit the windshield with such force it cracked the entire thing. The only reason it didn’t crash through the glass was because it hit right where the rear view mirror attached so that took the brunt of the blow and sent it flying to the back seat. The windshield was destroyed. I pulled over at the nearest lit spot which was the UniMart about a quarter mile down the road. One of the security officers from my place of employment happened to be there, saw the car, heard what happened, and could only utter some choice expletive phrases over and over again in complete disbelief. Of course I had to get a new windshield, but here’s the clincher: I had just replaced it the week before for a separate incident. Car- 2, Me- 0. My younger years were full of lots of stupidity and rash decisions, but I stopped tempting fate after that day.

    • Oh Christine!!! That is awful!!! Well I learned also never to temp fate- it usually comes back full force!
      Glad your all right! Cars can be repaired…


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