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And how are your weekend plans going?
We are busy here……trying to get geared up for Fall – my most favorite time of year! But we still have to finish some projects like painting the small downstairs bathroom and installing the Travertine backsplash in the kitchen….will be sharing that with you soon…but for now I wanted to share my “new/old”  found hobby “Gold Leafing”….I grew up with parents who were in the framing and antiques business. My mom, taught me how to Leaf and cast molds….my dad could refinish an antique frame, and if a piece was missing he could reproduce it from molding another part of the frame, mount it and you would never know the frame was repaired.
Now I haven’t cast or leafed in years but kinda got the calling again so decided I wanted to leaf these two clocks that I bought over ten years ago at Marshall’s! They were both a brownish dull color….but I saw beneath that and knew how beautiful they could be…..
What do you think?

001 004 002
And here they are finished….
2014-08-19 13.47.32 done

2014-08-19 13.47.07 done

2014-08-19 13.48.39 done
I knew the details on these two would be wonderful for leafing….now the gold leaf I used is from my mom and is from Italy and is about forty years old. I stained the leafed pieces with Rustolium “Kona” oil-based stain.

I also have silver leaf, hmmmmm, what would look good in the silver?
sounds like another project is in the wings waiting!

Let me know if you would like more info on the how-to’s…..

Have a wonderful weekend,


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  1. The clocks are looking good. Next time you do this I sure would like to see it done. I hope Mom did not mind the smell!

  2. Did you apply any clear, protective finish as a final coat?

    • Hi Mary…..
      No I don’t……but I’m sure you could if you wanted to.
      As a side note: I know many people use a furniture wax after painting, etc….I use shoe polish – either clear or a color that will blend well on your piece. Far cheaper than the finishing wax you buy….

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