Kids Table……

 Well, the grandkids are coming over for lunch……I was asked “Grandma how come we don’t get our own tablescape?” hmmmm, good question! but Grandma has the answer…..first of all, you need to have something bright and unbreakable and of course doodling will be involved… here is my quick Friday – OUTSIDE  “Grandkids Brunch”……


Chicken fingers

French Fries

Ice Cream Floats

(Grandma’s are allowed to serve whatever kids want)

Crayons & Colored Pencils

Pretty Edged Cutting Scissors

A whole ream of paper

Here is their tablescape we went from this:

kids 1

To This!
kids done
kids 6 done

kids 9
Even Elvis was gearing up for “Paw Painting”!
kids 8
All in all the kids can get creative and run around the deck, down onto the grass, back up to the table…..until they run out of steam!
Have a great weekend to all you Grandma’s!
kids 2

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