Picnic by the Lake

Having lunch by the lake is so relaxing! especially after two weeks of non-stop house renovations…….I bought along my book and sunglasses and just sat…..Have you done that lately? you know, nothing……..
It’s an awesome way to spend an afternoon!Wine-Country-Picnic

I live within a mile from Beltzville Lake here in northeast Pennsylvania……The lake is bordered by Beltzville State Park, almost 3,000 square acres and the lake has twenty miles of shoreline. During the week its just local folk, on the weekends we get quite a crowd coming up from the city. But during the week is my favorite  time to enjoy it….
th We even have our own Covered Bridge, and you know how I love covered bridges! Visit Here thNE2X63B6
damThe arrow is where PineRidge Hills is……

Today, I bought along my picnic basket, filled with Hot Sausage & Lentil soup and Arugula & Roasted Red Pepper petite sandwiches with Fresh Pea Pesto, a few shards of Provolone cheese and a thermos of hot water for my Earl Grey Tea – I even toted my favorite tea cup and saucer! Shortbread cookies and strawberries…..

It doesn’t get better than this!…..
Now back to reality and renovations……..

have a wonderful day……..

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  1. Oh, and home made crusty bread too. It seems the only thing missing were your friends!!!!!

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