DIY: Designer plates

Good Morning! and yes it is just beautiful here at PineRidge Hills!

Summer has finally arrived with all its sweet breezes and green as far as the eye can see….although they are calling for clouds this afternoon…..never know what kind of weather you’ll get up here on the mountain!

But for now I’ll take the sun-drenched mornings…….

Our Kousa is looking unbelievable this Spring…….


015018 Everything in the front is doing well….now we just need to finish the landscaping! During the holiday weekend I’ll get the urns in the front planted….I think I’ll do red Geraniums with Vinca hanging down…..and the wagon will go in front of the Kousa filled with daisies and petunias…..
Now let’s head inside and start our project!

I love to peruse through all the wonderful blogs and see all the creative Tablescapes that these talented women come up with! I often wonder – where do you keep them all? I only have a few “Extra” dishes and I’m ready to utilize under the bed space! Not to mention the cost of those that I would love to have…….my watchlist on Ebay is four pages long! and Marshall’s & HomeGoods keep calling my name! So I decided to try my hand at  making designer plates out of a set of glass salad plates  I purchased at the dollar store…..What do you think? and they are usable!……………
as you will see in tomorrow’s tablescape! I even used the bits of fabric I had left over for the napkin rings..

I saw Susan, from “Between Naps On The Porch” do this and thought I would give it a try…….Now here is how I made them:

First I bought two Fat Squares from the quilting section at Walmart ; .97 cents each…..each square will do two 8″ salad plates.

The plates were 2 for $1.00  at the Dollar Store…….I already had the Mod Podge… this cost me $3.94 for four “Not so ordinary” plates…..
plate 6
plate 5
I started by laying a thick coat of Mod Podge to the backside of the plate, it dries fast so have the fabric ready…then lay the fabric – Rightside down to the back of the plate and smooth in place – I used my small spatula to get any wrinkles out. Then coat the fabric with another layer of Mod Podge and place on a jar or a bowl……
plate 7
plate 3
plate 4
I let mine dry over night just so they would be totally dry….then I just cut off the edge of extra fabric and…Ta-Da!!!
Now I’m on a roll! The next time I find a designer remnant of fabric at the store, or a set of napkins I can make my dishes to match! The idea’s are endless!
I used, as Susan suggested, a coating of Kyrlon “MAKE IT LAST” spray clear sealer….I washed them with no problem!
And here they are all done and waiting for Thursday’s tablescape!
2014-05-24 14.18.59

set of four

Now get busy and get Creative! Send me some pic’s and I’ll post them on the blog!
Happy Wednesday…….

FYI – I’ll be using these designer plates in my “Book Club” post tomorrow!
center 4

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  1. Lisa Suphan says

    I love these!! So how did you do the front side and can they still be eaten off of??

    • Hi Lisa,
      No just do the underside of a clear glass dish, the fabric, especially vibrant colors will show though beautifully! Leave the top of the plate “Au Naturale” so you can serve food on them…..
      Send me a picture of your finished plate do I can share with everyone!

      • Great idea! This application can be used on so many pieces! Thanks for sharing!

      • Love the idea but you should say the plates should be clear. I was wondering how you did the part that’s eaten off..Thsnks..

        • hi Amelia…..
          The plates have to be clear in order to see the fabric under them. The top of the plate doesn’t get any fabric, so you can use them as you would any other glass plate, I suggest washing them by hand. You could put several layers of water resistant Modge Podge, but I reuse my plates a lot. Just pull off the fabric and they are good to go for another design. Hope this helps!


  2. Do you do the front side the same way

    • No, just the back…..I wouldn’t expose food to that solution, but they will look great with the fabric shoeing through the bottom, have fun!

  3. I was totally confused about laying the fabric on the backside of the plate until I saw you where using clear plates. This sounds amazing so I’ll be trying it soon. Where the plates glass or plastic? I’ll so hoping you say glass.

    • Hi Janis…. Use glass…I never tried any other material, and this is an easy project, and the best pRt is you can peel off the fabric, wash the plates and pick out another fabric! I wash them by hand, even though you can finish it off with the krypton spray I wouldn’t soak them in water…..
      Happy plating!!!

      • Tina Levitt says

        The krypton spray is used on the fabric? If you can peel off the fabric…does it come off during washing? I love this idea..and I will be hitting a dollar store today. Which dollar store? I dont usually shop there.

        • Hi!
          I only used the Krylon once on a set of salad plates that I wanted to keep with the fabric on them……I usually only use Mod Podge and then after peel the fabric off and wash the plates. The Mod Podge will wash off with soap and water. I would think the Krylon will too with some effort but I would try it on a plate that you can use as a TEST PLATE…let me know if you can peel it….I would like to know for myself!

  4. Absolutely brilliant, since I love gingham, well pretty obsessed with everything gingham, I will no doubt give this a try…thanks lady of the plates lol

    • Oh, you are so welcome! I just love this project, you can change them so easily! Peel off the fabric and redo with a different pattern…..
      Thanks so much for stopping by, I will be back blogging soon!


  5. Very pretty! I am guessing these plates are glass?

  6. I was wondering, with an extra coat of Make it Last, would they be dishwasher safe? You said in a previous comment, don’t spam them, that’s why I figured the extra coat might make a difference. Thanks, love this idea for our new home!

    • I don’t put them in a dishwasher…..wash by hand and dry…..if you do put them in the DW let me know how it works out….I constantly change the fabric on my glass dishes so they never have the same fabric for very long…..


  7. Can you put them in the dishwasher?

    • I wouldn’t…..If I’m going to keep the fabric on for more than a few uses I give the back a few coats of the Mod Podge or if you want it permently on then spray with a sealer. I wash them quickly by hand and dry……

  8. How did you trim them so neatly?

  9. Brilliant idea! Quick question….how did you get the edges so clean? I have a feeling when I trim the edges off, the fabric will fray. What was your trick? Thank you!

    • hi Sarah…..actually I use a scissor and clip as close to the edge as I can. I also use an X-acto knife, if it starts to pull away a bit just dab some mod Podge on the edge. I love doing these! and after one or two uses I pull the fabric off and start with a new idea…..have fun!


  10. Hi,
    Very nice. I am going to try this with the Chevron pattern. I can’t find the sealer, will the Modge Podge acrylic sealer work.


    • hi Alisha……I would use a few coats of mod podge letting each coat dry completely…..and when you wash them dry immediately…..have fun!


      • I found the sealer at Michaels. I could not find the polka dots fabric which I really love.


        • I don’t know how to upload the pic of the plate that I finished. My first try, but need to work on my edges. I don’t have a steady hand, will do better on the next one. If you can tell how to send the pic, I will be glad to do so and get your opinion.


          • Hi Alisha…..
            try to email it to me…..then I can copy it into a post……sometimes I use a scissor afterwards and try to trim the edge close….I can’t wait to see it….send it to….


          • Hi
            Sent to your email. Tell what you think and how can I improve.


  11. I totally love this. You can do every holiday too. I’m pretty excited to try this.

    • I am so glad Amanda! It is fun…..check the post I just uploaded – My Spring Book Club Brunch……I did the plates in Black & Red….


  12. They have dishwasher mod podge. Picked mine up at Walmart. It’s in a blue and white bottle. Haven’t tried it yet but for those who want to wash them in a dishwasher try that one.

  13. Hi,
    I’ve tried to make this project 4 times now and can never get all of the bubbles out or the edges to stay down. I’ve switched fabrics, bought new mod podge, I used my fingers, a credit card, paint brush and craft sponge. I worked on each at least 45 minutes eventually saturating the fabric and had to give up. What am I doing wrong? Thank you

    • Oh, Karen! I’m sorry your having such trouble! I’m trying to think what could e causing the bubbles? When I do mine I use a small sponge brush and just go along the rim with glue and smooth down the fabric with my fingers. I always use cotton, could it be the fabric? I’ve done this a dozen times now and have not had a problem…and I only use glass plates….never tried it with plastic or melamine….I also just put a light coat of Mod Podge….don’t soak it on, you don’t need to….

  14. Janet Lizzano says

    I emailed you a picture of my project, 3 plates in a plate holder. Was wondering where you post other pictures people send you.

    • Hi Janet!
      I posted it on our Facebook page…..and I love this idea! can’t believe I never thought of it! looking for a plate rack now so I can display my favorites too….thanks so much for sharing!

  15. Hi, now are these salad bowels the only project you have done with the napkins or have you…or can it be done with other typs of bowels or glass dinner plates or even small glass desert cup as well?

    • hi…..sorry it took so long…..been on hiatus ……
      These are plates, but I am going to give small bowls a try for the holidays…..
      thanks for visiting!

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