Tulips everywhere!

Happy Cinco De Mayo / Monday everyone!

It is a lovely morning here at PineRidge Hills….the clouds have broken away, and the sun is out.  My apple trees are budding, as is the Kousa Dogwood in front of the house.  The fig trees seem to have survived that late snowfall we had.  My husband, the lawn specialist, gave the front lawns their first mowing.  It looks like a velvet blanket of green……

Ah, all is good! I hope…….

Last week a friend of my husband’s, gave us a trailer filled with tulips, Hyacinths and a variety of lilies and azaleas.  It was like Christmas morning – Garden-style! We started planting the tulips around the deck, and plan to finish up this week.  Beautiful aren’t they?

2014-03-31 14.22.13 2014-03-31 14.22.08 2014-03-31 14.22.01

We are picking up several more Apple trees and a weeping cherry for the front of the house.  I so want a weeping willow but they can become problematic down the road….but oh, so beautiful!

I’ve decided to utilize the railing space for planting my petunia’s and herbs without taking up deck space….what do you think?

I found this picture here, and then went to Amazon.com and found these! I ordered four….

Apollo Deck Railing Planter
•Made of durable polypropylene
•Measures 23-inch length by 11-inch width / $10.85 ea. and free shipping! can’ty beat that!

I can’t wait to plant in these lovely pots….I imagine the hummingbirds will love it too…..


Will keep you updated as to how it all turns out…..Have a great day!!

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  1. I can see the deer will just love the beautiful salad bowl you have laid out for them. They may even stay around long enough to see the entertainment the bear provides as he/she attempts to climb the one of a kind bird feeder pole. Have your camera ready..I can hear the deer chuckling already.

    • lol! we shall see who laughs last! Believe it or not, the deer have not touched the flowers! AND Bradford has not been on the property since Al’s new “Flower Holder” went up!

  2. tulips are my favorite flowers. love the amount you have, and the colors. some animal always snips my flowers right at the bloom. is it bunnies? ugh.

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